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A lot of people don’t know it, but I’m very similar to @Zoltariel in that I care very much about maintaining a good fitness regiment while being a gamer. I wasn’t always like that – Leaving high school, I was 155. finishing up college and being about a year or so into the work force (a desk job, no less), I was around 183. 28 lbs is no joke to be carrying around on you when you’re that young, and it only gets worse from there.

I joined up with a good friend of mine writing articles on a website called GameNTrain (now defunct). Between this and working in a firm that focused on healthcare of the heart, veins/arteries, and brain, the focus was on learning how to be a gamer while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As gamers (and office job havers), we are sedentary for most of our lives, and it is imperative for our bodies to maintain a fit lifestyle to prolong as much life out of these fragile systems as we can.

After a few years, eating better, and making sure not to put shitty things into my body, I am now 28 and sit at around 155-160 lbs, mostly lean. I say mostly, because I’ve never been a huge weightlifting buff, so I do still carry some fat on my body, but it’s far better than what it was. With all that being said, I wanted to introduce you guys to some products that I’ve used in my day to day life that applies to gamers, that might be of some use to you. I won’t have that intro every time (just wanted to give you some insight) but I think you’ll enjoy the benefits of the product itself. I have since moved on from the healthcare industry and now work at the nation’s largest sports supplement and nutrition retail corporations. I certainly don’t know EVERYTHING there is to know about fitness and nutrition, but I know a bit, and would love to share with you guys.

The first one that I use on a daily basis is called Amin.o. Energy by Optimum Nutrition. This is an energy drink that gives me the kind of push I need, and has since replaced my usage of Red Bull, Monsters, 5 Hour Energies, and the like. Here’s why:

  • The drink is chock full of amazing vitamins and minerals that are great for replenishing fatigued muscles from workouts. It can be drank as a pre-, during, or post-workout drink, or even on the off days to help with recovery. It helps to nullify that sore feeling you get from lifting and running those first days you’re back at the gym too.
  • The caffeine content in it is natural, clean, and lower than most drinks available today. Each serving is 100mg of caffeine, which, in a controlled state will not cause you a crash like energy drinks do. The scoops also allow you to control your servings, so caffeine-sensitive individuals can try out one scoop (or half a scoop) to test their tolerance levels.
  • They taste amazing. Red Bull and Monsters aren’t bad, but I know 5 Hour Energy tastes like battery acid. I’ve had Orange, Green Apple, and Watermelon Amino Energy, and it’s all been absolutely delicious.
  • It’s inexpensive. Most stores carry it for around $30, which gives you about 30 servings. I have yet to see anything to be that cheap.

Reading through this, you’re probably like: well what does this have to do with gaming? Well, that’s simple. I know a lot of folks who stream or game like to do marathon runs, and this would be an easy way to safely give yourself the energy and longevity you need to play through any amount of playtime. If you DO happen to start working out, then this will help replace a lot of what you lose during those workouts so you don’t feel dead exhausted (or miss those oh-so-crucial headshots).

Here’s the link through our Strats Referral Link:

If you end up getting some, drop a line here and let me know what you think of it. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more articles from me in the future.


Just wanted to say you and me sound almost identical. I’m 28, weigh 156lbs. I work out 5 days a week, although I’m not super strict, so I’m not ripped, but have muscle and am a bit lean.

I also weighed around 150lbs leaving high school, and over the years bumped as high as 190lbs before I started to clean up my eating a bit more, play hockey more consistently and hit the gym.

That aside I myself use BSN NO Xplode ( for my pre-workout which is kind of similar to the Amin.o Energy, although I only use it as a pre-workout.


That’s awesome. Shame that everyone I know who games and is into fitness I only know online, so there’s no chance to ever go lift and game together. :frowning: You do sound very much like me though in terms of even the way you describe your build.

Yeah yeah, I’ve definitely used No Xplode before. The biggest difference between your product and mine is that you will absolutely not get that pre-workout “pump” from mine. It’s by far a lighter product really meant for during and post-recovery, but everyone finds products they enjoy more.

I don’t recall if the No Xplode has creatine in it or not, which is also something to consider. Some people don’t like that “tingly” feeling that they get when they ingest it.


Ya, the NO Xplode definitely gives you the tingly feel the first while you use it. I don’t get it so much anymore, but I’ve found that it does give me that energy to get to the gym.