Programmers, Software Engineers, Coders Etc. Sound off


So I have noticed we have a lot of either Computer Science students or software engineers in our ranks. I have dove into the field myself and am in the midst of retooling myself into a software engineer.

I thought it might be a good idea to start a conversation about who is doing what. We might be able to share some ideas and even get some pair programming or something.

I have no real prior programming experience, unless you count when I used to copy BASIC from magazines to play games on my Commodore 64 back in the early 1980’s. I currently have been heads down in Ruby on Rails. I spent the last couple months learning pure Ruby so I had a better foundation coming into Rails.

I had to take a couple Python courses here recently so I know a bit about it as well.

I am also really focused on mastering Vim as my texted editor.


I have zero current programming experience (my programming class in college was FORTRAN) but this brought back memories. I remember my brother and I finding code for a game called Apple Panic in a magazine and typing it on our Atari 400. It was saved on a tape drive.


Working as a programmer in an insurance company. Spent a lot of time digging through terrible code/processes “designed” by the business and “programmed” by contractors.

Quite a lot of garbled junk code that I expected were copy-pasted without full comprehension of what it does and then just wrapped with more code so it sort of does what they wanted.

Recently been looking more into JavaScript and impressed what can be done with it. For example, Atom seems like a really neat editor and is written in “CoffeeScript / JavaScript / Less / HTML”. Been using it instead of Sublime Text.

Trying to write an application to bridge the actuaries who love spreadsheets with a variety of inconsistent structures and programmers who hate having to use the rates from the those spreadsheets.


I started to play around with vanilla JavaScript a few weeks back. I like it and intend to come back to it, but Ruby on Rails has my full attention at the moment.

I’m pretty sure I looked at Atom when I was looking at editors. I ended up going the Vim route at the direction of my mentor. I have to say I like not taking my hands off the keyboard to reach for the mouse/trackpad. Also, I have been working in different virtual machines spun up with Vagrant and it is nice to have the editor handy that I am used to using.


I write SQL for my company :smile:.


Great idea @tommy2118. I’m in the same boat. I went to school for accounting and currently working in accounting. During college I picked up iOS programming as a hobby and have since published multiple apps in the app store.

Recently I’ve decided that I wanted to pursue a career in iOS development so I’ve started to take lessons over at I’m hoping by this time next year I’ll be ready to apply to some entry level mobile dev positions.

With that said I work a lot with Xcode and have recently transitioned from Objective-C to Swift. My apps can be found at if anyone’s interested.


I would love to learn iOS programming and create an app with someone… :sunglasses:


I’m working as a application developer for 15 years now. i’m using SAP (formerly Sybase) Powerbuilder a RAD enviroment not many ppl know. It’s a classic client/server app (accounting software) i’m working on so i also know sql quite well.
played around with java a bit (android apps) but not much.


You totally should! The lessons on Udacity are terrific, I’d recommend them.

If you do pursue it, feel free to ask me questions at any point. Maybe when you get the basics down we can create a mini project together. That’s one thing I need experience in, creating an app in a team setting so this would help tremendously.


I have a few courses on iOS development that I have not gotten a chance to work through as of yet. Maybe the three of us can work on something once I get caught up.


Oh awesome even better! Definitely down to do this


I’m a programmer for Sovos compliance. We make tax software. I use PLSQL, Delphi and a proprietary language the company created.


Just bought an AWS class on Udacity


I see we have some people in here who have used the oldy languages like FORTRAN and BASIC. I heard it was really fun back in the day to work with those languages :slight_smile: I myself work with Java on a daily basis and I don’t mind it. I would really like to learn Python and move all my programs at work over to python but that that is basically a pipe dream since everything needs to be done yesterday! I also learned PHP, VB, C++, and some others during my College career. I am still in school and I only went back to school since my company will keep paying me like dirt until I have this piece of paper that says I’m knowledgeable. I might even be getting into some Objective-C in the near future, but that is dependent on some things at work. I would love to write an iOS or Android app, but when I was fooling around with some Android I started school and had to abandon what I was doing. I had an app planned that would help my wife with her clients as she is a cosmetologist. I have plans to do it after I finish school. Anyway, its really cool to see what people are into and what people like, I notice that alot of people are into JavaScript but I really can’t stand it much. lol. I’ve only used it for a brief moment and if I remember correctly you don’t have to explicitly call a variable an integer or string, just “var”…I hated that. I like to make my code readable and that doesn’t seem very reader friendly. Am I correct about this? Or am I completely wrong and confused about JavaScript. Although I enjoyed PHP in college (it was the only 100 I have ever received in a class), I’m not too fond of web development as I really really REALLY lack the creative touch. I need to be told what people want and how they want it and then I can bring it to life.


@tommy2118 This is a great thread so far. Currently I am in my second year of a CS degree. I have had two classes in C++, currently working with Java and x86 Assembly. For those of you who don’t know what assembly is imagine having no shortcuts in math and solving calculus problems. It is tedious. I do enjoy seeing what happens in the background of all the other languages, but I don’t plan on using it in the future unless I have too. Also I have read some of the posts above and have never heard of some of these languages, like Atom and Ruby? I feel bad only really knowing C++/some Java.


It would be fun to do a course together and have a thread where we post updates and discussion on it.


I like this idea :smiley:


Im down. We should do a ruby on rails course cause that’s what strats is primarily built upon


@MilezOnWheelz you are a young developer, we all started there with only knowing a couple.

@Vocino I love that idea.

Also, why is everyone here so crazy about rails(besides being strats backbone) ? I’m completely ignorant about rails so I’m just curious.


Yeah my college primarily focused on C++ and I haven’t seen any companies that actually use C++. The languages I use at work I had to learn myself outside of school. My advice would be to focus on programming logic and most languages will come easy to you.