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IRL stuff first - A/S/L - 29/M/Estonia. GMT+02 timezone. My name is Dmitri.
I can speak English, German, Estonian and Russian fluently.

Some of my game history:
Unreal Tournament '99. Winners of Eurocup, topping 20 ClanBase ladders simultaneously. Tactical commanding of the team, defensive position in CTF.
Lineage 2 - Castle siege command, etc.
EvE Online - Alliance fleet commander, 150+ people in TS. After that elite mini-corp. Earning billions PVPing and farming carebears. Full loot rocks, and that’s why I am here now.
Guild Wars - Mostly HoH stuff. I was usually the one who made team builds. Best success was 60+ consequtive holds (took half a day, but I had the team to do it), after which my team build got copied and became the FOTM for months before it was nerfed. Rank 11 when quitting.

You can note that the games are fairly old. This is because at this point real life happened and I took a nearly 5 year break from gaming. At least online.
I got married, started building up my business and working two jobs, etc.
Since I quit my main job a few years ago and now just run my own small business full time, I got a lot more free time than before. I still pull 10+ hour workdays often, but I can sneak in some gaming here and there (that is being modest).

What I played for the longest time lately was PlanetSide 2. Really cool game, but got bored of it eventually.
A good friend of mine whom I’ve been playing with since Lineage 2 times (incl. EvE etc) recommended Albion as a full loot MMO. I’ve been hooked since.

I am aware you are not a single game guild. For now I am here for Albion. Who knows what the future brings, and having people to play with is always a bonus. As with Albion, my friend list got mostly wiped due to my long inactivity.

About Albion - I am in some random small Russian guild who I met with in a PUG. They are really nice guys, but unfortunately not nearly enough interested in PVP, so I am seeking other options. I also do not believe in single non-universal language guilds long term, because you are artificially limiting yourself to a narrower pool of good players.
I have a lot to learn still. My character has a 5.2 fire staff, which I have used for quick leveling of my gear. In PVP I have been mostly playing a holy healer (5.1/4.2 right now). I’ve played the druid quite a bit as well, but found it somewhat lacking due to high burst damage meta. I can and do wear T4.3/T5/(some T6) light armor, also T5 heavy helm.
Right now I am thinking to continue leveling holy and level something with leather, so that I can be useful in mini-pvp, but I usually level/play the class that yields the biggest improvement for the team.

I still have a lot to learn, and I do it gladly.

I have submitted my application through the Google Spreadsheet.
Hope to see you in-game - but that is up to you :slight_smile:


now that’s a hell of an intro post! welcome to the group!


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard! Thanks for all detail, often we have to pull teeth lol.
You should find the mix in our Albion guild a good match.

If you don’t mind sharing, what kind of business btw?


I calibrate and tune internal combustion engines, usually with factory control units, on passenger cars.
I also have a small shop and a few people working for me for repair and modifications.

Previously my title was senior software engineer. So there are two things I am good at - cars and computer programming.


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