Proper method for level progression in BL 2 and TPS



With all of the DLC that has come out for both games, I always get confused on how one is supposed to go through the game and level up my characters without doing all quests over again. Currently i’m doing The Pre Sequel, and I can’t remember the sequence of doing New Game Plus etc as well as implementing the DLC in a way that i’m not over/under leveled while playing. I hope this makes sense…

What is the correct order for doing the main game, new game plus, and DLC for the Borderlands games (specifically TPS)?


Unless they changed it from BL2 to TPS, you should do the game and all the DLC’s prior to doing the hard mode run-through as the DLC’s have a normal and hard mode, with adjusted difficulty and drops; always play the game before the DLC or you risk spoilers :wink:


For The Pre-Sequel, the release order was:

Shock Drop Slaughter Pit (bonus mission at release)
Holodrome Onslaught
Claptastic Voyage


I am playing BL2 before i play the pre sequel because that is the way they were released…i was told that the story will get wonky if you play the pre sequel first…just what i heard anyway :smile: