Proposal to change Discord channels to mirror forum categories


Right now we have a bunch of (almost random) channels in Discord. I propose we migrate these to more relevant channel names to better collect discussion while still offering some separation.

  • #ping = #ping
  • #lounge = #lounge
  • #strats => #gaming
  • #nsfw => #off-topic
  • #pc => #gear (removing #ps4 and #xbox)
  • #live => #streaming

I think we should keep #hack since it gets a lot of use and perhaps we could even add a Hack category here.



I think the lack of a parallel could be a detriment to the Discord. Pits it against the forum and that’s no good. That said, #strats is the channel where the bot posts webhooks for forum posts, so you’d have to come up with a way to keep category relevant webhooks attached to relevant channels in the Discord server.


That’s true. It might be a case for an additional #strats channel for everything related to #strats the forum category (essentially meta).

The other option would be to post the webhooks in the appropriate categories.


Also, if you want this, vote for it (top left). :arrow_double_up:

Voting & Super Votes?

But why? Makes no sense…Why not make a #console channel?

Oh Hell no! #nfsw FTW! Should not be renamed.

This is ok.

Channels #readme and #ping Just make 1 channel for announcements.

I like this idea.


Because the #gear category covers all of those and the channels don’t get enough independent discussion to warrant having three (especially the console ones).

#nsfw doesn’t accurately describe what the channel is for. #off-topic puts it in line with #off-topic and better describes the type of content that belongs there—most importantly the line.


yea, I was never a fan of splitting up pc/xbox/ps chat, it ends up getting mixed conversations anyway. “Off topic” should at least have a disclaimer or something, there’s got to be a place for nsfw comments


I get the premise here, but much of the conversation that currently happens in #nsfw wouldn’t mesh well with the general banter that currently happens inside of #strats. Might it be better to add #off-topic & keep #nsfw as Discord only?


I would prefer not removing console (rather platforms). Some topics/discussions are not relevant to a broad general channel. Granted we haven’t seen the same extent of growth we saw a few months back, but having the channels be separate for people to be able to discuss games specific to those platforms, especially when LFG, seriously helps.

If anything, have a Gaming main channel and the platforms as sub channels.


i thought that by clicking on the voting thing at the top it would take me to a choice of yes or no…it did not…it just assumed i wanted to vote yes and i did not…very confusing…should have an option to vote no instead of just a “vote” button with no explanation that you are voting yes. I dont see why they need changing at all…they get used for the purpose of which they are designed…the forum categories have sub categories that discord cannot have… i think they are working nicely and dont think a change is needed,


Its @Vocino plan to trick us all and change discord :stuck_out_tongue:

Worst voting system if you ask me. With multiple choises and channel changes.


This is a bit off-topic for this thread but the voting system is to rank things to spend time on, though currently there’s only one thing. Feel free to add your own:

Also, @Droul you can click the Voted button and remove your vote.


Wait, as in content wise? If so, I’m in accord with Phil and Xplosion. Without a place for people to put things that still fall within community guidelines but may also be NSFW you’ll have them in more channels rather than focused in one.

I mean hell, you got rid of a drawing that tommy did and it wasn’t remotely NSFW. Imagine more of that stuff in more channels (read: the most populated ones)

Either way, it’s nearly impossible to convince you otherwise once you set your mind on something so let the chips fall where they may and the community will adapt to it.

New Proposal to change Discord Channels to Mirror Forum



Wasn’t the #ps4 #xbox channels not for gear, but to help organize people on those system?


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Yeah for sure. The mapping isn’t necessarily 1:1. I was just looking for some similarity though to where they might fit so we don’t lose too much chat history. Most gaming talk, regardless of platform, happens in #strats right now.


So, with NSFW going to off topic now. What is changing with that?


What would need to change?