PS Vita Yes or No?


For some reason I was looking at a PSVita at Target. Does anyone have one and are they any good?


@vocino and I both have one, I like it well enough but it’d be hard to justify unless you can make use of the PS4 connectivity, IMO.


yeah I can’t justify a PS4 yet. I have way too many 360 games.


Yeah I don’t know if I would buy it on its own. I have both a Vita and PS TV (which runs Vita software) but I rarely play Vita games. I use them mostly to remote play PS4 games.


3DS is a much better standalone handheld with a TON of titles if that’s what you’re looking for.


Yeah I still have an old DS but the games don’t impress me. I mostly keep it for my son.


I do think there are a ton of good Vita games. I just don’t have much time to play them as a standalone unless I’m traveling.


I have one. It is a brilliant handheld, minus the back touchpad which I loathe, but overall, very powerful and exactly what you’d expect from a Sony handheld. The library for games isn’t that big, but with the wireless streaming of PS4 games, PS Now, and the PSOne library, you’ll never be short on content. One of my biggest gripes about the system though is the proprietary memory cards. They still rub me the wrong way.

If you’ll put use to it, it’s worth it. Mine sits in my drawer in favor of my 3DS.


Mostly just looking for something to do on the bus to work. Android games are getting boring and I can only watch so many movies and read so many books.


I use mine on the shuttle. Definitely a thumbs up from me in that respect. I mostly just play Velocity and OlliOlli.


I bought my vita a couple years back. Totally love the thing (ps4 remote play being only a bonus). The biggest thing is that its main focus is now a niche audience when not remote playing or streaming PS Now games. Most of what comes out and sells well enough on it are japanese niche titles. Mainly huge rpgs like Persona 4, Ys, etc. I’ve got at least 16 games I haven’t even had a chance to touch on it yet (plus the whole psp back catalog). Indie games are also pretty big on it as well (Rogue Legacy being my favorite probably).


Rogue Legacy is definitely one of the better indie titles I’ve played recently. What a unique idea for a game!


I own one, and it’s amazing, but trying to justify it is hard. My justification of owning one is playing Persona 4 on the go and being able to ditch my phone when it comes down to Downwell and my computer with Undertale.

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