PS4 - Able to help anyone with anything PVE 9/28 1PM EST -> 12A EST

I’m available to help anyone with anything relating to Destiny from 1PM EST ->12A EST with breaks in between. I’m mostly going to just be farming helium, spinmetal, iron, spirit bloom while I’m solo.

If you need help w. a strike, nightfall, whatever PVE related please feel free to join on me or send me a chat invite.

PSN = SkullKontrol


  1. None.

How’s it going. Would you be willing to help aka “carry” me through lv 28 weekly strike. Thing is I had some strange coin saved up for an exotic armor piece for Xur, only to find out that the greatest auto rife ever is up for grabs. I’m 5 short and I’m only level 26 :frowning:

I’ve completed the strike at 24 and from what I’ve read, completing at 28 should give me 6 strange coins.

@JohnOnTheRocks yes I’ll be on in 45 minutes its 12:08 PM EST now. Please add me,