Ps4 and pc gamer. Add me. Let's Go Pro


Hey people. New here. Active adult (21+) Pc gamer and ps4 gamer.

Send me friend request on ps4. Note the friend request with “STRATS” please.

mobtactics2014 -psn tag

Games- FPS-RPG-MMORPG-Racing -Space Games

-Battlefield 1

  • The Division
    -Tom Clancy’s Wildlands
    -Elderscrolls Online
    -Battlefield 4
    -C.O.D. 3

-Watchdogs 2
-Currently Into
-Elite Dangerous
-Star Citizen

If it’s not listed, doesn’t mean I haven’t played it or don’t have it. I’ve listed genre’s I’m into so add me hit me up.


Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Thanks will do!


Nice. Were Building an army here. Good to have you on our side mob i sent you a fr already. see you in the trenches.


Welcome, friend! :strats_blue:


Hola :1up:


Welcome to Strats! Grab yourself a :beer: and enjoy the party!


Welcome to the cave friend!

Go crazy, have fun and try not to break anything.

We have a very populated BF1 Comunity:


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