[PS4] Audio Issue



Okay … so this is my second day of dealing with this. I use my Sony Playstation Silver headset when I play, they are great. But I hit a snafu this weekend while streaming. For some reason when I have my chat settings to ‘all audio,’ apparently the game audio echoes while I’m playing.

My dual camera mic is muted for this very reason to prevent reverb as well. I also mute my TV when I’m streaming so no audio will bleed over either. (Just the game audio echoes, NOT my voice, which is weird.)

I’ve messed with every kind of audio setting I could today but nothing worked except when I went into the ‘Adjust Sound and Devices’ and changed ‘all audio’ to ‘chat audio.’ Which is great because it eliminates my echoing problem BUT I cannot hear the game. At all. Nothing. Silencio.

This is frustrating because I don’t want my viewers to have to deal with an echo but I also need to hear what’s going on around me in a game. Does anyone have a solution? I’m totally stuck here. ;-;


would this imply you have more than 1 source sending you the sound to headset, hence the echo


Since that set of headphones uses a mic in the ear cup, the sensitivity might be all out of wack for no particular reason; try lowering the mic gain of your headset on the PS4 and see if that clears it up :wink:


Just curious do you have your Twitch dashboard pulled up next to you? If so, is the dashboard muted?


Yes. I do run my Twitch Dash but it’s muted as well.

THAT DID IT! I muted everything, my TV, my cam, the whole nine AND turned down my mic all the way down. It killed the echo. Then I turned it back up gradually until I could be heard clearly and the echo was gone. Thanks for saving the day, Auth. :wink:

Thanks for your help, everyone! Thought I wasn’t going to be able to stream tomorrow. <3


You’re welcome! I hope you’re pleased with our service today!

Yes. I know I’m a brat. I’ll leave now. With the knowledge you’ve uncovered in case it were to happen to me.