PS4 Beta Invites Rolling Out



Yesterday the PS4 PS2 servers were launched. It wasn’t as smooth as they wanted it to be but this is going to be a very controlled beta. They are sending out invites in waves to slowly increase population so things don’t go upside down fast. Invites are sent based on when you signed up, so we might get them at different times.

This is the schedule of the beta times:

Monday - Thursday 6:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
On Fridays it will open up at 6:00 EST and go until Sunday at midnight.

It will start on a single world and eventually build up to three worlds to fight on simultaneously once they increase the population size.

SUNDAY 1700EST: PlanetSide 2 Strategic Op Lead by Vocino

Can’t wait for this!! Here’s hoping I get an invite. :sunglasses:


From what they’ve said, everyone that signed up is getting one. It’s just a matter of when!


Don’t. Care. How. I want it nooooowwwwww!


Every e-mail notification now.


Has anyone received an invite yet?


Yup, I just got mine!

No, not really.

EDIT: I just did a search in my gmail and got excited. Then I realized the date was from 2012 during the first beta…






you suck so bad


at least people are getting them


Seriously though, who else has made it in? Should I start up the unit tonight or have we already got Strats up and running in the beta?

Also, I just double-check and confirmed that streaming is allowed (though I don’t know if they’ve finished integrating the Share features; as of this article they hadn’t), but since I have a capture card I guess I’ll have to spend some time streaming this week :wink:


I think you’re the first man! Go ahead and start it up.


Closed beta for ps2 on ps4 is out btw


The wait is getting ridiculous…so far we have what? 1 person with a beta invite? we need MOAR!!


I know @Droul. If it was going to be this reserved they shouldn’t have made such a big deal of it in January. Their opportunity is slowly going out the window with all the Spring releases launching.


good point @Nubhugs …by the time i get an invite ill be knee deep in Borderlands or if they take their sweet time The Witcher 3…lol