[PS4] - Calling all dedicated PS4 streamers for a special opportunity!



Hi, everyone! I know that I’ve been away for a while but I am not coming back empty handed.

This is REALLY important (and long.) But I’m coming to Strats because ya’ll are my Team and ya’ll been down with me since the beginning so I’m bringing this business opportunity here first.

The reason I’m posting this is because a really good friend of mine & colleague is looking for PS4 broadcasters for a very special streaming campaign. The only three requirements are that you own a PS4, you have a dedicated streaming schedule & that you know me. That’s it.

Here’s the deal.

We would be partnering with an organization of hundreds of indie developers. These indie devs would provide us both their games to stream and keys to giveaway to our followers as well. (If you stream from the PC, please don’t be discouraged. We’re running the PS4 event first and if that’s a success then it will expand to everyone.) So for right now, I just need PS4 casters.

Side note: If we get in good with this company, we all will be the first contacted for exclusive content and demos!

What I need from all of you awesome souls is to PLEASE post your info with links like so:

Online Alias:
Twitch Page:
Twitter Account:

I need at least 20 people for this streaming project. I will pass on people’s Twitters beforehand to my colleague for approval. Once the team looks at your pages then I’ll compile an official list.

We absolutely cannot (CANNOT!) talk about the exact details of this on social media yet because the event isn’t confirmed. We CAN however subtly recruit in posts or tweets saying that you’re looking for PS4 players with a consistent schedule for a special streaming project.

This deal JUST came my way today so I want to pass it on to ya’ll first. The deadline is tight … I need to compile this list before tomorrow afternoon.

TIME COMMITMENT: Just got some new info! Some people wanted clarification about how much time you’d need to devote to this potential event. You’d need to set aside about a week. The team wants you to stream the game, taking breaks whenever you need to within your normal streaming schedule. But they don’t want you to go 48h without streaming at least an hour of their title.

(The game can run 10+ hours, depending on the player’s skill.)

Let’s do this!

(Post will be edited to reflect any updates.)


I would like to be part of this. The last couple of days i been testing streaming quality and what not. Sadly i cant not stream is HD. Let me know if this is an issue.


What resolution can you stream in? 360 is too low.


Sure, I can help out!

Online Alias: Vocino
Twitch Page: Vocino
Twitter Account: Vocino

Thanks for bringing this in!


When would this take place, I know you probably don’t know the date, but a time frame if you happen to know? :slight_smile: <3


I would love to help out @simplyundrea! By the way where you been at girl?!

Online Alias: InvaderDoom
Twitch Page: http://twitch.tv/invaderdoom
Twitter: @invaderdoomtv

I use obs, a dedicated 32 inch tv and the elgato HD60 :smile:


I just asked for you, Drizz. He told me that he won’t have a specific date until he gets feedback from the others but ideally, the event could take place next weekend. But I will definitely keep everyone updated as to the exact times & dates!

Added you to the list, Doom. And we had a loss in the family so I took some time off.

I missed everyone, though! :purple_heart:


Ah damn, I won’t have my ps4 for another week and a half. :frowning:


Sorry to hear that :frowning: well welcome back! I took some time off too, but now that I got all my gaming stuff condensed to one desk it’s back to the normal me!


It’s okay, don’t worry about it. If this PS4 event is successful, then they will potentially open it up for PC players. :slight_smile: So you can be added on that version of the list if the time comes!


Streaming on PS4 or literally from the PS4? Qualify if streaming using elgato or obs work?

If so I’ll drop my info:

Twitter: @roguengames
PSN: epyon415
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/epyon415


Either or is totally fine! Added you to the list. :grin:

EDIT: Just turned in the list today! (1/29) Once the Team looks over everyone then the final group of broadcasters will be chosen & then contacted. But if you didn’t get in this round, we plan on doing more events with both indie and AAA titles. (Like Final Fantasy, for example.)


i can 480p


I can stream better than that. all wekends!


Online Alias: thegush1
Twitch Page: twitch.tv/thegush1
Twitter Account: thegush1

I stream at 1080p HD!!!


I really appreciate you replying @thegush1, but I listed when the deadline was in my first post. It passed already, unfortunately. If you didn’t get into this event, there will be more in the future!


This is a great opportunity you have brought to the members of Strats. Major props to you! If this ever opens up for PC players let us know!


If we impress the devs (for lack of a better term) this weekend it’ll open things up for more events in the future! (And when that time comes, I’ll post up a thread here just for my PC people, I promise!)


Sounds fantastic! Good luck to everyone involved this weekend! If you need any extra help with anything let us know!


Here’s hoping this goes well for all of you & the StratsCo community. If and when I ever get a consistent stream up & running, it would be cool to do stuff like this. Let alone be part of Team Strats.