PS4 Controller Analog Stick Replacing



One project I’ve been tossing around is tinkering with my spare PS4 Controller. I see a lot of threads on Reddit where people replace the analog sticks with Xbox One controller sticks, replace buttons or the whole controller casing. Since this is a spare due to a R2 button clicking when squeezed at a certain point, I figure I don’t have much to lose (Might even find out why the R2 is sticking).

If memory serves, I believe @NVS_1 has done this. I just wanted to put a probe out there on peoples opinions, part preference or general advice.


This sounds cool, I’ll be excited to see the process.


I should do this too. I have worn off the rubber on the left thumb stick. I guys I have sweaty hands or something.


Don’t feel bad, I have sweaty hands that strip the rubber from controllers. Welcome to Sweaty Squad brother.


Haha, Sweaty Squad uniform - white tees


You should release a line of your own uber pro stick replacements called… Nubhugs™


My mediocre-level gaming has never required the replacement of analog sticks, pads/buttons, or anything of that nature.


“Do you have well water? Your shirt is a little yellow…” “Nope just representing the SS. Now give me a handshake”


I got some stick extenders that I tried to cover the messed up ones, but the difference was too big.


@Nubhugs Yep, I bought the Xbox one analog sticks. Absolutely love them. I’ve replaced all the analog sticks on all my controllers with the Xbox One versions. Helping a buddy replace his as well this week.


If you don’t want to replace the analog sticks, you can get these! For the lazy and last long enough to justify $5. I’m still using mine (about 5 months now), they are a little worn/slippery, but the frog hand grip portion, makes them still work just fine :smiley:


I actually use these exact grips right now because of the slight tearing, one packet of 4 has lasted me over a year.

I think I want to try modifying for the sake of having a Frankenstein controller that looks cool… Xbox has a bit longer sticks but like Dynamible said, you can buy extenders too from places like KontrolFreak (which I have a pair of Sentinel’s too that just clip on)


I’m really happy with these grips, funny that you have the exact same ones.


I use the extenders and found them to be amazing. I feel far more control and could never envision myself going back to “nubs” every again.


I considered the extensions a few months ago but backed off. Maybe I should revisit them to elevate my mediocre gaming.