[PS4] Destiny Raids - need some help?

It’s been brought to my attention that there are people who have yet to complete a Kings Fall raid and I don’t believe that’s acceptable - everyone should have a complete if they want one.

To that effect, I’m thinking of running #SaturdayNightSherpa (working title) to help those in need of getting raid completions in Destiny (normal mode), be it Kings Fall, Croata’s End or the beautiful Vault of Glass.

Interested? Let me know below and I’ll see what we can do to make it happen. Or if you’re wanting to help out, that would be awesome too!

UPDATE - June 17

So this is who I have signed up for Saturday night (8pm PDT/11pm EDT):

Am I missing you? Because it looks like we have a spot! And I’m actually not sure who’s new to the raid other than @epyon415 so I should probably know that. And what Guardian you’ll be rolling with and what light level (should be 290 and above to make this work).


I could be down to help.

I would go if I am around. I have a concert this Saturday though

im down… you always know i am down

Will join. Havent experience KF, but done the other 3. Have all 3 classes at lvl (40 hunter, near 40 titan and building lock but over 25)

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Coolio! Does this Saturday night work? With me on the west coast, the earliest I could probably get going is 8pm PDT/11pm EDT - if that’s too late, might have an opportunity during the day Sunday or again next weekend.

@ohnokenzilla @spredhed @xploz1on @epyon415

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Should be good for me.

I’ve never beat one so I need help at it.

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works for me. Will block off calendar :slight_smile: .

PSN ID: epyon415

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I’ll need to get in on this soon, I just got the Legendary Edition today.


I can assist as well…


Cool. I really should keep a list, but I’ll make sure we get you through. In fact, it does look like we have a spot on Saturday if you’re interested.

@lyteforce Am i still good for Saturday?

Also people should have a minimum of light level yes?

I’ve got you on the list! And yeah, minimum light level would be 290 (though 295 might make it easier if we get to Oryx).

Sounds good. Ill keep working on getting Higher light level. Pro Titan Masta race!

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I have a buddy who might be game to fill in he’s semi in Strats…lol…i think he signed up on the forums but that was about it…might not have even gotten that far…I will ask him when i get home from work and keep you posted…thanks for setting this up @lyteforce

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I’ll probably drop to an alternate if I can get on. The day has just filled up with activities.

334 Warlock and 334 Titan, 331 Hunter

Nice, I have a Titan and Hunter both 332

Is everyone at least 285?

hunter is 290. If i play before hand, might be able to bump it up. Tons of quests incomplete :frowning: