[PS4] Destiny update taking forever (17-Nov)

So it just me or is the 2.44GB update today taking forever for all?
I have pretty good internet. Wondering if the issue is the servers on their end or my internet which has been patchy since the temp dropped below 20 F.

I havent been home yet. I know they are updating aa bunch of stuff. Servers are probably stressed with Dragon age, gta, and Destiny stuff.

There is a long playstation maintenance going on right now, this may have an impact on download speeds

It appears that it was a PSN update and not the destiny one. When I was finally able to login, the destiny update was less than a MB and went quick. The PSN update failed multiple times and I’m still unsure if it was my internet or the servers.

EDIT: Nope according to a site I checked it was the Destiny Patch, which makes sense given how much was going on with this one. *shrug. Must have been as Dynamible said, just overburdened servers.