PS4 for $299 on Woot today (25% off)



God speed my children:


Just want to mention for anyone who has an interest in Uncharted (Remastered collection), and/or Destiny, this is still probably the better deal.

$349 (The cost of one of these games) to get the same system with 2 new games.


Nice find!


Holy crap. Get it while it’s hot!!!


Sold out


This link still says in stock (same as @NVS_1’s); Woot is only ever a 1-day deal :wink:


I menstrual Woot was sold out.


I want to believe this was not an auto correct mistake.


Don’t change it; it’s…it’s beautiful…:cry:


Bahahahah yea it was auto correct. It was supposed to say “i meant”