PS4 Games we are looking forward to



Ok fellas, we were all super excited for The Division. As we all know to well, it flopped. What’s on everyone’s radar for games that are coming out (aside from Battleborn, Overwatch, Paragon). I wanna see if there is something coming out that we can all game together, that has people buzzing…and possible use as a recruitment vessel.


Alienation is fun so far.


i have been thinking about picking that up…wanna watch a stream and see if it helps me along the course…


I’m still interested in No Man’s Sky. Beyond that though… there’s nothing in my pre-order pool.

And I’m very curious about Alienation.


I’m really interested in Battleborn and No Man’s Sky.


I was just watching some gameplay on twitch of Alienation, I’m still not 100% into getting it as of yet…give it a few more runs on twitch find a good stream and see if i can be convinced to make the purchase, NMS looks pretty interesting I’m not gonna lie…need to do some more research on it but from what I’ve seen and heard so far my interest is def. peaked



-No Mans Sky looks interesting as well, but aside from these two I cant think of any upcoming console exclusives that I have a firm release date.

Eventually Star Ocean might be on my play list.


No Man’s Sky is actually on PC as well. I don’t think it’s confirmed yet if the game is cross-platform. Which would actually be nifty.


Correct. I prob should highlight console, as I know it is on PCMR ;).

I doubt it will have cross platform, considering the game dev doesnt anticipate people running into each other :frowning:



I feel like as a community the next console game would be Battleborn. Watching it reminded me of Destiny somewhat.


Reviving old thread ftw.

I’m looking forward to Ghost Recon Wildlands and No Mans Sky… Not specifically console exclusives though.