PS4: GIVEAWAY Horizon Zero Dawn



…information here! It’s that time again! A new game is here to claim our time! If you are looking at a chance to WIN a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn, you may want to look elsewhere because this is an INFORMATION give away, not a game giveaway!

This game is boasting an amazingly detailed world, graphics on par with the BEST computer systems and a story-line that rivals Hollywood Blockbusters. The acting is on par with academy award winning scripts.

The only question remaining, will you be playing with us or alone?

Here is an early review to get you hyped:

A hard-mode fight to make you swoon:

and a relationship side quest to make you cry (no major spoilers):

Post your hype!




You sir deserve a title…

King of Clickbait


Is there character creation? I’m confused about how much RPG is in this action RPG.


From what I know, no, you are the character from the video. No more no less.

The RPG aspect of it is similar to Farcry or another open world story based game.


Got it. Then there’s not much to the multiplayer.


As far as I know it doesn’t have multiplayer.


I might pass on this then as awesome as it looks. Mass Effect comes out next month.


no and no


thanks for the click and view sir!


I didn’t click the video :slight_smile: And my Ad-blocker denies your revenue :smiley:


Then you missed out!

Game looks like a take on Monster-hunter but better graphics.



Bought this yesterday. Didn’t blow me away but it’s a pretty good game. I do see it getting boring pretty quick though like the Farcry games do for me.


Is it too open @Biff_Tannen?


I would say it’s just as open as the farcry games. Same kind of crafting, gathering, hunting, side quests etc. Only difference is the giant robot dinos.