PS4 Headset Recommendations?



Soooo, right in the middle of streaming Far Cry 4 last night, my headset died on me.

Then one of my chat regulars graciously donated $40 so I can buy a new one!

Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations on what PS4 headset I should get from Amazon?

(Thanks so much in advance! I appreciate the help. :smile:)

Looking for affordable microphone and headphone
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I use the px21 but I wouldn’t recommend it as you have to use the RCA splitter cable on the audio out on the tv, a bit of a pain but it does work and sounds good but is a pain to ass to set up.

Good luck on your search!


RIP in Pepperoni headset. :sadgumball:

I use the Gold Wireless Headset and I love it. It’s comfortable, sounds great and the buttons on the left ear cup make adjusting audio simple. There’s also a PS4 app for it that lets you pick from pre-set audio levels for certain games, such as Last of Us, to “optimize”. The only problem I’ve had with it, is I can’t get it to cooperate with the ElGato HD60 very well. There may be a solution to the audio conflict, I haven’t tried too hard to find a fix. So if you ever plan to take streaming to a capture card, you’ll need another microphone and headset.

It charges off the same USB to Micro B cable so I bought a nice ten footer, which I recommend to anyone still using the dinky cable it came with.


I use the PS Vita ones when I’m not using my surround sound. It’s a good replacement, and still leaves me hearing new sounds that I haven’t heard with my surround sometimes.


Another vote for the Gold Headset. I think it’s great for a console.

For PC I will stick with a 3.5mm headset, though.


I have a ps hold golds headset, curiosity of Strats. I love it, battery is great.


Yeah I used the wireless Sony Gold headset as well. Works really well.


Any one find the one that came with the PS4 absolutely useless?

Doesn’t even fit in my ear and I have big ears.


@preshuskitty uses Logitech G430s to switch between PC and PS4 (won’t do surround on PS4); they’re awesome but not wireless. I use the predecessor to the Playstation Golds (Playstation Pulse Elite) and love them. They have all the onboard buttons and switches and use the same app as the Golds; my only complaint is the charge time is fairly long. I chose them over the Golds because they use a USB dongle so I can use them with other devices; they can also be used as 3.5mm analog.


I have the official Silver headset and for a “budget” headset ($50-70) I am very happy with it. It’s comfortable for long amounts of time, the audio seems to be decent in and out and the cable is a very nice length.

If you prefer wireless or slightly higher quality and have the budget, I see a lot of people recommending the Gold (~$100) and that’s probably a good idea.

I have no experience with the even nicer/pricier Pulse (~$130+?) headset.


I have never seen the Silver headset sold in stores, only the Gold. Other than being wired, it looks like the Silver lacks the audio controls on the headset and the mic is on a boom rather than built-in. Not a big deal if you’re sitting close to your TV and system.

It wouldn’t have worked for my current console setup, but it looks like a good headset.


Thanks so much for all of your awesome suggestions. :smile:

I’m totally springing for the Sony Gold headset. It looks amazing!


I guess I’m thirding or fourthing the Playstation Gold Wireless headset at this point! I was also a HUGE fan of my ex’s Astro’s, albeit those were not wireless. You could have them plugged in and wired all the way to the console, or just jacked straight into your controller if you didn’t feel like getting tangled in wires and cats :slight_smile: