PS4 install times


So I bought battlefield 4 and it downloaded in a few hours. When it was done I went to play it and it told me it was still installing the main part of the game and I could play campaign until it was done so I fired it up and completed the first part where you are underwater then fight for awhile then continue at the underwater part. At this point I got a pop up that said I couldn’t continue because it was still installing. 4 hours later it’s still installing and has only gotten 10% more done. Is this normal for games to take this long to install?? I thought the dl was too long but the install has taken twice as long and still isn’t done yet. Did I do something wrong or is this normal? Either way I think it sucks for it to take so long to be able to play. Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions?


That doesn’t sound right at all.

It’s possible that you installed it successfully, and now just have an update that requires you to restart the game. Click the ‘Options’ button on your BF4 tile, and click ‘Close Application’. Once you do that, try relaunching it and it may install the update or whatever needs to install.

Can you check your Notifications tab and see if there are any active downloads or anything at all there?

You said you were downloading it, did you purchase the digital copy? I know all my retail discs installed in 10 minutes or less.

If none of that works, and you have a retail copy (disc), I’d suggest deleting and reinstalling. If you have digital, well maybe restarting your PS4 first, but you may need to delete and redownload, just sucks because of the time to download + bandwidth usage.


This morning everything seems fine. All game modes are available and I can play.
Quick question…do you only earn points/awards/ribbons/promotions from multi player or can you get them in campaign as well? Is the battle log only for multi player? Sorry for the noobness. I just picked this up to pass time and practice my fps skills for destiny.


Battlelog is only affected by MP IIRC


Yep, Battlelog is multiplayer only. I’d suggest logging into battlelog via the web browser. Gives a bit more detail and easier to understand instead of using it ingame, Helps along with your soldier loadout, assignments, etc. as well.