[PS4] King's Fall NM (Destiny) - June 25

While we didn’t have success in getting the raid going last night, I’m committed to making this happen for those that need it. On Saturday, June 25 at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT we’ll look to run a King’s Fall normal mode raid with the focus on getting those who haven’t completed this raid through.

If you’re interested, please reply below with your preferred/comfortable class and light level (ideal ratio is 4 experienced raiders to 2 inexperienced).

It is also important to arrive on time (me included). Last night fell apart as life came up and prevented a few of us from getting online in time. No hard feelings as that’s what happens sometimes, but understand that to make this work we’ll need a fireteam of six.

And if you’re new to the raid, give this walkthrough a read to help you prepare for what we’ll look to do: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3lh9dm/spoiler_the_kings_fall_raid_guide/


I’ve not done any of the raids and would be interested in getting a group together… Why not Friday nights?

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I’m already committed to a fireteam rollin’ Guardians in Iron Banner this Friday.

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Im in for this Saturday. I was preoccupied with alcohol this past time. Also, got any room for iron banner @lyteforce on Friday? My class is Titan and I can be whatever class makes sense for the raid. I’ve only ever gotten to gorgoroth so I’m experienced in half of the raid.

Unfortunately I will be in the wilderness on Sat. night…I could perhaps possibly set up a Friday night Sherpa if anyone would rather run a Friday as opposed to Saturday. Just have to get the blessing from the wife. Which I don’t see being an issue.

P.S. Had fun running with @lyteforce and @ohnokenzilla on Saturday night…


I had a good time even if it wasn’t a raid. I should be down for Saturday, 335 warlock, PSN: ohnokenzilla

I’ll probably be doing the Iron Banner most of the week, but I would definitely entertain other ideas if people need me to fill that one last spot.

@ohnokenzilla I will run with you if you need a guy at some point if I am on this week…

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Yes, absolutely. Do not be shy, I don’t always see when people get on.

My usual fire team is full up, though it now looks like :banana: has been cancelled due to the same issue Bungie is having with Trials right now. Not sure what we’ll be up to at this point.

Yea I just saw their tweet. Scrubs.

I’m on.

ETA 20 minutes later and still no sign of anyone, so I’m done for tonight,


Yeah, when I saw that it was just the sherpas replying I didn’t push the issue. :frowning2: