[PS4]LFM people to play Rainbow 6 with



This game is impossible solo and I know we got a lot of new people recently. I’m not hardcore so I don’t care how good or bad someone is. Hit me up, and let’s siege! PSN: ducksauce88


I was actually thinking about getting this game.


It’s fun, but there is a bit of a learning curve. It’s like the anti-CoD. It takes strategy and team work. I’d love to get a group together on a weekly basis for a couple hours.

Edit: if I was going to buy his game now I’d probably buy it used on eBay. Not because it sucks, but because it’s probably cheap now.


Hey ducksauce88 I just picked this up the other day to tide me over till The Division. You’re right it’s impossible solo and the amount of teams I’ve been on that actually communicate have been few and far between. I’ll add you later today and maybe we can run a few matches sometime. PSN: Onaclov_X


Sent ya a friend request. I see you have 3 platinum, nice. I just got my first platinum last December, it was Just Cause 3. I recently have become obsessed with trophys.


Anymore ppl playing this? I’ve been really getting into it lately, and having a lot of fun!


I haven’t played in a while, I know @WizzleMizzle has it also for PS4. I would love to get back into it.


I been balls deep in DS3…but I would be lying to myself if I said that The Division hasn’t crossed my mind…when are you boys looking to play… @xploz1on should get involved as well…LETS GET THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!!

And I just read the top of the thread that we are not talking about Division but Siege rather…which again has crossed my mind…I would def dabble in that a little for sure…HIT ME UP!!! Still wanna get the boys back together and run around the DZ I have people on my list who haven’t put the game down at all…


Idk if I can give the division another shot. Burned me bad. I might have more time than I want though to play so I should be on more now than the past couple of months.


the new update is today if I am not mistaken. Hopefully they have a better handle on exploits and fix that shit…but I agree I was burned as well…I am willing to go back for one more shot tonight…given the update is actually today.