PS4 PVE Buddies!

Hello all. Just really started to get into the website side of this stuff.

Just wanted to throw it out there - Grumbles and myself (Generic_Cartoon) are on pretty much nightly from about 7PM until midnight or later (EST time).

We’re looking for a few other players who want to grind out some PVE content and try to jump into the Vault of Glass soon.

I think I missed the hype train of friending people for the PS4, but hit me up if you’re interested in something like this.

Generic_Cartoon on PS4

Good luck with all your engrams! =)

Please add me: SkullKontrol
I’m usually in a fireteam during that time, but I regularly send out invites as slots open up.
I can always use another friend.


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PSN - CleanableBeast (21 Warlock)

I likely won’t be back home until tomorrow, feel free to add me and we can get some strikes going!

Feel free to add me, I have a random schedule and have only been soloing sloooooowwwwlllyyyy so far (only level 11), but would love to jump into some strikes and maybe a crucible match or two with y’all.
trillobyte1 on PSN

Nice I’ll send you an invite tonight always like some PVE. I’m PST but I’m sure we can link up.