PS4 Raid Team Charlie

Hey all, so this will be for Raid Team Charlie, we are planning on being flexible with the schedule of this raid so of there are any conflicts let me know and we will try to find a way to make it work for everyone. So what I am going to do is throw out 2 days and 2 times I would like you gentleman to comment on what works best for you.

Thursday or Saturday at 8pm EST or 10pm EST.

The people I have chosen are as follows:

The standbys will be:

Now the rosters ARE NOT SET, and i would love for the standbys to also chime in on times that would work for them and I’ll possibly get a 2nd group going from the extras if we are able to find times that click for everyone. If you haven’t already send me a PSN invite, if I don’t accept it in a day or 2 message me and I’ll send you one myself. Thank you gents and happy hunting.


@Espaceman is also a standby but it wouldn’t let me put him in the first post

I’m a standby! Hell yes.

Haha to be honest I just put the names in the order they were in the other post and moved a few people that were underlevel… you could very well be on the main group for us.

My Titan is only level 21 so my standby status is… 4th string.

Haha well @teh_ninjaneer keep doing those queens bounties and you’ll get leveled up pretty quickly

Both days are good for me but I prefer to start at 8est…10est is a little late to start.

Yeah I was leaning more towards 8 myself but put 10 out there just in case for some people it worked better Im trying to get a feel for everyone’s availability.

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I’ll be 28 shortly just upgrading armor

I dont mind either of the days or times. Glad to be a part of the team!

Saturday at 8 or 10 works really good for me!

Just one question, will the standbys still have a chance to be able to play VOG?

@AT0MS_APPL3 yes the standbys have a good chance to play

Sounds good. I’m good for both days as well. Prefer the 8pm start though. Might be good to try Thursday and possibly have a follow up on Saturday for either finishing or for a 2nd group to maybe go since looks like we have quite a few interested.

Glad to be aboard!

That’s a good idea, if you can’t make it both days then it’s ok if need be we can use the standbys so they can get experience and gear as well!

I’m stoked to be picked for Charlie team but 8est is too early for me on weekdays as I work till 6 PST. I might be better on as backup cause I’m usually out and about on Saturday night. I’m stoked to be on a PST team though!

For any in team Charlie, I’m trying to get a little practice in VoG set up if any else want to play around in it Monday 10-6-14 8pm ET before the reset. Separate post for it here


I cant make the Thursday raids this week and I think I’m supposed to be a part of Bravo. Either way, please replace me with a standby :slight_smile:

Ok @Vocino and @AT0MS_APPL3 will be replacing @TheL0ken and @Hi_Voltg3 for Thursday for now.

Is that at 8PM or 10PM EST?