[PS4] Raid Team West Side: Tues 7th & Thurs 9th @ 7PM PST

I want to clear the Vault this week. This will be my first time and I need all the help I can get. If you’re available, please sign up. Note: You don’t actually have to live in California to attend. Just be able to make the time.


  • Tuesday, October 7th @ 7PM PST
  • Thursday, October 9th @ 7PM PST


  • Strats Raid West PS4 Party




If you can almost make it but need a slight adjustment, let me know and we can work it out.

Please put me down as tentative for Tuesday. Depending on how quickly RaidTeamAlpha can get thru the VOG I should be available a little bit after 7:00 PM PST. 10PM EST. Give or take 30 minutes.

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I hate to be a pain but I can’t make it until later on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s a tough week cause the International Film festival is currently in Vancouver and I’m trying to catch a few films before it’s gone (end of the week.) next week might be better but I could start like 11 pm PST on Tuesday and Thursday this week. If that still works then I’m in.

At the rate it’s going, I’m not sure we’ll have anyone else available anyway. We’ll see.

not that we have enough people but I can be on at 9PST tonight. If we can’t get a crew for VoG we should see if we can get a crew for the Iron Banner.

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Hey guys, I’d be down for tonight, gonna be on all night so whenever is fine. Got +1 as well, maybe 2 if we need it. Odds are we can make this happen. Have been running VoG normal and hard with randoms mostly and would like to get a guild run in on one of my characters at least.