PS4 System Update Sept 30



PS4 system update scheduled for tomorrow, 9/30. Highlights include:

  • 10GB online storage for Plus members, up from 1GB
  • Streaming to Youtube
  • Share video clips to Twitter (max 10sec length)
  • PNG screenshots as well as JPG
  • Favorite Groups - addition to Friends app, access groups of people at once
  • Communities - Players can create communities based around common interests. This could be useful for Strats.


Yes! This is the beta stuff! I can’t wait for ya’ll to finally get a chance to test everything out.


I’ve found the online storage to be very helpful for syncing saves.

Should we make a PS4 community called “Strats”? Is that how that works? Would it just fragment the conversations from here or be an added benefit?


I don’t think it’d fragement anything Vocino. It’d be like our Strats clan in Destiny, but now managed for all PS4 games from what I know of it. I’d love to see a Community strike up once it’s released.


I think it’d be similar to the Steam group and could be super-useful :wink:


Communities will be so helpful for us. It will make it so much easier to integrate into our community, by not sending 100 friend requests.


I’m thinking they’ll be not unlike a Steam group. Is that more or less correct?

That would be a huge help. If fact, I might consider resetting my friends list and starting over. During Destiny and GTA I received a million requests and accepted all of them.

Now my friends list is basically unusable.


Long time no talk friends! My question is…are they fixing the whole “not reading a Blu-ray after booting up from rest mode” thing? Anyone else experience this? It’s friggin annoying!


Hey @invaderdoom! Welcome back. I haven’t experienced that, no. But I don’t own a single blu-ray disc :wink:


It’s good to be back! I’m really surprised we don’t have a mobile app yet :wink:

Yeah it only happens when you boot from rest mode, if it doesn’t read it you have to shut off the system and reboot


Heh, this was just asked for yet again:


Heeey, Doom! Long time no see. :slight_smile: Welcome back.


@blinkbrac already has a strats friends group set up for Destiny. If someone see’s someone missing have him add them in or maybe he can figure out how to allow others to add in. We should definitely get a community going for cross gaming.


Mine reads fine. Is it a common issue?


I was also trying to make a community but it wouldn’t let me.

Edit:I created the community!!


Common enough for me to immediately find it via Google search :stuck_out_tongue:


fyi, i posted a comment in the community last night, and it constantly kept updating me that there were new messages in the community when the last comment was just mine.


I had that same issue. Every like 10 minutes I’d get a notification or two about a new message in the Strats community. I’m hoping that gets fixed soon…