[PS4][The Division] Incursion Prep Event 4/9 @ 8pm est!



Alright friends, the update is almost here! So let’s get prepared and group up to farm some dailys and roam the DZ! I would also like to use the new Events feature on the update coming out tomorrow to assist in scheduling this, but I’m not entirely sure how it will work yet.

I realize the time I have chosen might not be a good one for everyone so please post what time you will be available on Saturday and I can change the time around if need be. Obvsioulsy we will have to break up into groups of 4 now :sadgumball:.

So make a post and let me know who plans to join and tomorrow when I’m making the Event on PSN I will add you to it! I will also be posting it in the PSN community page as described here:

Full article on the OS update here.


This pirate yaarrrrr wont be able to join until like 11pm EST. Usually i play late on Saturdays.
On a side note, Freaking finally someone made a “group up” event for The Division.


Needed an excuse to use my friends photo again lol. I’m sure a lot of us will still be on by the time you become available.


Please delete that!

Edit That Friends photo! hahahah




Lol I’ll be on late Saturday around 10!!


I don’t think I will be able to make it as I am lead to believe that “we are going to have a busy day and night Saturday” UGHHHHHHH why am I getting married?


Ill be on during the day with ya probably @WizzleMizzle. Maybe I should make a day event and a night one? Seems like people won’t be on till 10pm est or later anyway. @bmay119 is that 10 pm est?


Yeah 10pm EST.


Put me down for later on Saturday, I’m not sure what time. If you need me to be any more vague…


I’ll probably be on! can’t wait.


I might be able to make something after 10 pm…i guess I will be tied up with stuff going on during the day and will be free later that night…


So it looks like you can only invite 8 people to an event therefore @WizzleMizzle started an event that starts at 10 pm est and i will be starting one that strats at 830 pm est tonight! Come join us!


Any incursion prep on the PC crew?


I’m down