PS4 Themes - Update



Not sure if anyone has much interest with the PS4 themes and such, but figured I’d make a post here to let you know that I’ve updated my channel with a bunch of new themes. I’ll update this post each time new first party / free themes are released and I have new videos up.


This is actually a good service NVS. A lot of people are curious about themes (Including myself) but don’t want to foot the bill in case they are terrible. That one that was linked to reddit has freakin 6,000 views. That’s insane!


Haha, ya I was pretty impressed with that. Found a few of the MLB ones got linked from some other sites. Found a couple linked on, unfortunately not featured, but found linked by others in the comments section.


I’m curious to know about the Orioles Stadium, Camden Yards. I know they are going to be all included in the Show Anniversary edition, but will they be for individual sale.


If it’s anything like the Blue Jay’s / Tigers theme it’ll be displaying Oriole Park and so forth. As you said, they are included in the anniversary edition, but they are sold separately ($3.49/each).

You can get it now:!/en-us/games/themes/mlb15-the-show-dynamic-theme-baltimore-orioles/cid=UP9000-CUSA00998_00-MLB15DYNTHMBAL00


Yeesh $3.49? It would be best just to spend the extra $10 on the Anniversary edition and get the other in-game extras and so on.

I have to admit though, they are really high quality themes. The detail is really nice for what it is


Ya, I’m not much of a baseball guy, but the themes do look nice. I was thinking it was incredibly expensive @ $3.49/each, however I got thinking that at most a user might want two different themes. As a hockey player, I know myself would only buy 1 team theme (Red Wings), and maybe the generic one.


I’ll have to check some out now!


Seems so pricey for just a background theme. I’d love the Tigers one but can get decent apps for that price. Even if they sold some in a bundle for $5 or so I might consider.


It is one of the pricier themes, but they do seem to be very well done themes. Not your usual $1.99 / $2.99 theme that has no unique sound, effects, and are just generic pictures that flash every now and then.


Just updated it with the two new inFAMOUS themes. Appears the inFAMOUS ones are US only.

They’re being uploaded to my channel now


Updated with a few more themes. There is a new Witcher theme that is apparently only available to you if you pre-order the Witcher game + Season pass bundle, however I was able to download it for free off the Canadian store (Note: I have The Witcher 3 pre-ordered; not the bundle though).

There’s also been some new hockey themes released. I uploaded the Blackhawks and the Red Wings (Woo go Wings!) as examples.


I’m going to post these on our social profiles.


Awesome, I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Do you have a twitter username and/or facebook fan page I can reference?


I’ve been dumping the themes into one massive Theme Playlist -

Looks like I have 35 themes uploaded so far.

I don’t have a public facing Facebook, just my personal one, but I have a Twitter account that I rarely use, lol. -


Cool, posted.


Awesome, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ll continue to update this post as themes are released. If you notice a first party theme is released and I haven’t uploaded it yet, let me know. (This goes for anyone reading this, not just Vocino, lol)


Updated more themes.

Added several themes from Aqua Kitty DX (TBH, not a clue what it is). Magicka 2 pre-order only themes, the Bloodborne Hunters Mark theme (Strategy guide exclusive), Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Axiom Verge.

I think I got all the major ones, although there is still one more US only one (PS Heroes) I need to record and upload.


@NVS_1, I love these. Did you preorder Battlefront for PS4? I’m interested in seeing the themes that come with it.