(PS4) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, my opinion so far



After playing since beta and day one of the official release, I’ve finally come to having an opinion on the game.

  1. Learning the maps are a bitch and a half
    You have a split second to see the screen of what map/game type your about to jump into (ranked has the same issue). On top of that, there’s no in-game map. It’s almost like Ubisoft wants these maps to be foreign to players for as long as possible. Don’t even get me started on learning all the walls, roofs, murder holes, spawn killing rushes, pre-fires, and cameras. Fuck. On the upside, once you do eventually do learn them inside and out, the maps are fucking rad.

  2. Guns and customization are meh, but maybe that’s a good thing?
    They’ll probably add more, but honestly… less is more. One of the big things that I like about this game is how it’s not over the top like call of duty futuristic space-shooter alien 5. Sure, more realistic guns and maybe additional neat operators would keep the spark in the long run, but maybe they’re doing this part right for now.

  3. Ranked Matches
    Learning the maps, spawns, rushes and overall strategy with your friends is far more do able and enjoyable in a ranked game. The overall competitiveness is definitely there, you’ll feel it. Not to mention you get to select your spawn place on attack and objective location on defense, very rad. Also getting a rank attached to your overall progression and not just a “Level 108 because you play 12 hours a day” is nice. Increased XP/ spending cash in ranked matches is pointless, but might prove useful with more content released down the road. My advice? Once you’ve unlocked enough operators and are decent with the maps, start playing ranked with a full group of 5 to really improve your game.

  4. Situations
    free easy cash to unlock operators faster, learn maps, and familiarize with the game offline.

  5. Terrorist hunt
    Waste of time

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Thanks for the write up! I’ve been considering picking this up.

One question I have is about the in-game clan functionality. I was very disappointed with Battlefront not having any clan support. Obviously here we like to group together and show off that we are part of a clan. In Destiny, while lacking in in-game clan activities, at least you can fly the [STCO] tag.

How is Rainbow Six?


None whatsoever. Although it is a team game, stats and bragging rights are presented by your W/L, K/D, and rank ( silver 1-5, gold 1-5, platinum 1-5, diamond 1-5). Also, you don’t see the peoples ranks your vsing until the end of the match report. You’re only able to see their W/L and K/D at the start, if your fast enough, (there’s a 5 second count down once you’re paired with a opposing team).


That’s too bad. I’m not sure why so many new titles are going that route. What happened to clans?


Yeah, of all the new shooter titles… This one seemed most fitting to have some sort of clan support.


I agree. I wonder if there is some data to suggest that visualizing clans in games creates a poor experience for those not in a clan.


What is the point of getting the game then. :sadgumball:



I can tell you my personal reason for getting the game.

I am terrible at picking gifts for my amazon lists and people mistook my wifes list for my list. So they bought me a movie from my wifes list, thinking I would enjoy it not knowing it was a gift my wife wanted and not me.

Fast-forward to delivery.

I eagerly open the package to find.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six || Siege! For Xbox one no less!

I was shocked! Not shocked because i don’t own an Xbox one but shocked because I didn’t know how they knew i played Tom Clancy games like 10 years ago! It was a great surprise when I learned I could return it to frys and get a 50 dollar gift card to amazon for the game.

All in all, tripple A experience, would order Hook on blu-ray from amazon again!


Omg 10/10 story.


Thank you, hopefully my review and the @Breakbot review enter into your decision to purchase:


Hook is a great movie.