PS4 took a crap

So my PS4 decided it doesnt want to turn on anymore. its not an update issue…it just flat out wont turn on or boot into safe mode…it wont do anything…no beeps…no lights…nothing. So until it fixes itself or i get it fixed or something im out of the game for a while.

I would suggest unplugging it for 24 hours. I had a problem with mine and that fixed it.

Maybe an overheating issue? Make sure it’s in a good open location. If there are no beeps or anything it might be the power supply and you would need to get it covered under warranty.

yeah i spent almost an hour with sony support and didnt fix anything…so they are sending me a postage paid return box so i can send it in for warranty repairs…THIS SUCKS…im gonna miss like 3 weeks worth of Destiny and Xur offerings.

On the upside, GTA 5 will be out when you get it back :wink:

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I’ve barely had my console 2 months and it’s failed to boot twice already. Anxiously awaiting the day it dies.

I have had some issues with the system not responding properly. Usually it works by unplugging it for a bit and then plugging the controller back in. Then starting the system from the button. Resets the system and it works fine after

What OS are you using?

Has this been starting recently?

It could be just a simple PSU issue, may want to check newegg for a cheap PSU.

@GuardianX does Newegg sell ps4 psus now? This is the reason I haven’t had the itch to get the next gen consoles yet. Even though I’m a pretty hard core Sony fan, I still firmly believe in the “never buy the first model anything”. Some people get lucky but with Doom as my last name luck is pretty much always out of the equation for me. Good thing I don’t like to gamble :stuck_out_tongue:

@invaderdoom don’t feed the trolls! :wink:

LoL. sorry typed that from my phone didn’t “read” the title.

I read it as “PSU took a crap”.

Come on @Auth, you know I wouldn’t respond to a title that was redundant.

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In my experience when my PS4 had to get sent in for a sound issue I received a new one on my doorstep literally 3 days from dropping it off. This was in December though when they were fighting a lot of launch issues. Anyway, it may not take as long as you think!

so i am weak and impatient…last night i ordered the white Destiny ps4 game bundle…should be here tomorrow. The old one will be sent in for repairs and then gifted to my nephew so we can game together…and we get a new strats recruit!!!


Best strategy I’ve seen on this whole site… I take my hat off to you sir.

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The addiction is real :wink:


ITS HERE!! and its white! now the only problem is i have to re-download all my games and add-ons…bleh. Destiny is the first one though! this is gonna take forever…