PS4, TOSLINK and the PC sound card



I brainstorm a lot. It happens when you wake up at 5am and you spend all day tending to kids.

Today’s issue is how to turn my desk into a true gaming station. A couple months ago I added a 24-inch monitor to my setup. It’s handy but I’d like to get some more use out of it.

My ps4 is currently connected to a 42-inch TV. With the way the room is set up I have to spend a lot of time standing about 5 feet in front of it while playing.

This morning I had the idea of moving the ps4 to my desk and viewing it on the 24" screen. Sitting less than 2 feet away it shouldn’t be a big deal. I very likely won’t be using the 2nd monitor while playing on ps4. I use the DVI connection to my PC so HDMI is open. Only problem is the monitor doesn’t have speakers.

So I thought of the optical connection on the ps4. And my sound card has TOSLINK (optical in/out). I think this is a valid method and will solve my problem. It will also provide me with 5.1 sound when playing on ps4.

Anyone have thoughts on this?


I did something similar to this when I used an HTPC and sound system in the living room. The only annoyance you’ll run into is any sound your computer makes will go through (you’ll have to set the optical as your primary device). To get it to play nice, you’ll probably have to use the “Listen to this device” option on the optical input so the device is active :wink:


I thought I would have to swap the primary device when I started up the ps4. A minor annoyance but something I can deal with I guess.

I’ve been searching for some optical speakers but haven’t had much luck. The ones I have found seem rather expensive ($100+).


Is there a 3.5mm headphone/audio out on the monitor? If so, you can use a male to make patch cord from your monitor to the Line in on your PC.


Yes there is a headphone jack. Guess I’ll consider that route also.


The Line In on my sound card is occupied by my headphones and I don’t want to bother with constantly swapping those jacks. So I’m back to either using the optical cable or using a cheap pair of speakers connected to the monitor.

Rather than have to change Windows settings every time I turn on the ps4, I think I will just try the extra speakers. I probably have a couple sets around the house.


I mean, if you just leave the optical in set with “Listen to the Device” it’s not going to transmit anything when the PS4 is off, but it will send all sound through the default audio output device when it is receiving sound; you wouldn’t have to change things every time you use the PS4 :wink:


Optical might be my best option then. I can’t think of many reasons why I would be playing a game on both PS4 and PC at the same time.

Really the only thing I might be doing in tandem is searching a website while playing a PS4 game. Hopefully that won’t require a lot of sound.


I use a very similar audio setup when I’m streaming from PS4; all sound is going to my computer and I actually listed to the PS4 through OBS so I can have audio notifications from Chatty and the like while playing.