Ps4 trials of osiris destiny



So who wants to team up and do trials. I’m going to be on probably tonight and a bit tomorrow and I want to hit the lighthouse to see what all the fuss is about.

For sign ups please post the following info:

Light Level
Weapons using (can just post type ex. Pulse, shotgun, rocket launcher)

I would like if people are above 305 light but if you’re above 300 with a good set up I’ll consider it depending who signs up. I haven’t figured out my build but I’m between 308-311.

I can’t give an accurate time I’ll be on today because I might be doing dinner with my dad. Tomorrow I’ll be off and on for most of the day and there’s a good chance I won’t be on in the evening.


Paging @NVS_1 and @blinkbrac for Trials.

I have a NM KF set up for tonight, but if we clear it fast I may be down for a ticket or two depending on time.

Prolly Voidwalker
I’m thinking Hawkmoon, 1KYS, MG.


no good for me. I have baby duty tonight and need to wake up at 3:30AM. I will be on tomorrow for Trials stuff. @NVS_1


Sorry I am gone for the weekend
Be back Monday