PS4 Vault of Glass Group

Hello everyone,

@Nubhugs and I were discussing a plan to put together a group to run VoG (hopefully) sometime this week. In an effort to organize this effort I wanted to open it up to any individuals who are interested and will be able to participate on 9/25, 9/26, or 9/27 from 7:00 pm EST to about 11:00 PM EST .

We are looking for 4 people, with and additional 2-3 alternates in case someone is unavailable/no-show and from there we can give it an earnest attempt. I believe the only requirement (outside of the time/dates) will be a level 26 rating. If you are interested but are not yet 25 then I would encourage you to throw your hat in and we can work on assisting in running some higher level events to increase the odds finishing that last level.

I know it is short notice but I’m interested in seeing how many people are still free agents for this run.



Here is the Final Roster for 9/26 @ 7pm EST:

@Ataraxx13 @Moro @WrongGear @Nubhugs @dynamible @uhohs

@NVS_1 @SkullKontrol @Hi_Voltg3 @DrizztDo_Urden69

So what I really should have done earlier is request that everyone post their subclass so we can see what we are working with so please provide that info here! I will be sending out the invites starting at 7pm tomorrow evening with a few minutes to get everyone situated and review the plan of attack.

If someone would like to volunteer to stream that would be awesome, I haven’t done it but if I can figure it out I’ll give it a shot :wink:

uhohs :Warlock - Sunsinger (with revive!)
Nubhugs : Titan with Defender or Strike. Whatever we need more
Dynamible : Warlock - void walker


I’m currently part of another group for this week, but depending on how that goes tonight I’m interested for the 26th and 27th.

Same, as soon as my group can beat it, I can be available for this group.

Ok great, I will go ahead and designate @NVS_1 and @SkullKontrol as alternates for now and I will anticipate getting things started on Friday, most likely.

I’m down to run it.

I should be able to run this weekend. I should get a legendary helmet and boots this week, which should bring me to 27. Unfortunately I don’t have legendary weapons yet…

@uhohs on Saturday I won’t be available until about 10PM if you need me to fill in for someone. The other days I’m available to help out as needed.

I’m up for it on 26 and 27, if You could start on 6pm or earlier on 25 I can also do it + I know the drill since I have done it last week, so I can lead if You need me to.

You’ll be fine with Rare quality weapons if they are level 20

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With the current responses it looks like we can get a run started on Friday 9/26 @ 7pm EST.

I Will propose the following group:
@Moro @Nubhugs @WrongGear @Dynamible @NVS_1 @uhohs

With the following Alternate(s):

I also propose either @Moro or @Nubhugs lead the charge since they seem to have considerable knowledge of the challenge.

Saturday will likely be the same roster but if any additions or substitutes need to take place that is fine, Sunday, I will most likely be unavailable so I will encourage anyone additional alternates to sign up and take that spot.

Are there any specifics that need to be covered or considered? I haven’t done any research yet but please let me know if there is something I have left out.

Thanks guys!

I think @Moro and @WrongGear would make good team leaders, @WrongGear beat it last night with Skull’s group. I think if he hasn’t, @Moro got to the end at least.

Also Friday 9/26 @ 7 pm EST works perfect for my schedule. I can put in the late late hours if needed.

@SkullKontrol, Question for you. About how many packs of ammo did every bring in reserve? I have >20 of each type, should that be enough?

I have beaten it with @Brutonium! ; ) He might want to join as well if we will have a spot, also if it is Sat, I can probably go as a Hunter(L 26) or as a Titan(L 27).

Nice! I didn’t know you were apart of the team. Way to go! You brought up a good point, for better planning we should all say our level class and spec

@Moro @uhohs you will probably also want to tap into @WrongGear, our group is able to get to the boss in about an hour. And we beat the boss last night in about 2.5 hrs.

Honestly I feel like @SkullKontrol would be a much better leader than me. I’m not patient enough to lead. If someone wants to stream it though I’d be down to hop into party chat and offer tactical advice.

@WrongGear @uhohs I was speaking about just general knowledge on how to navigate the VOG.

In terms of group leadership yeah I’m pretty good at it, its what I do but it sounds like @uhohs will be the captain of this ship.


Yeah I would be completely down to lend my rifle and tactical advice if I’m not the actual leader.

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I’ve been informed by @ataraxx13 that he hasn’t completed the raid yet. So I’m going to let him have my spot, but if someone streams I can still watch and give advice in party chat

I’m down to do it. Have yet to finish off the last boss since VoG opened (could only really get in with a PUB), but have extensive knowledge of what to do for all events.