[PS4] VoG Sherpa Sunday

Just looking to see if anyone needs to run through VoG today on normal. I’m far too hungover to run through this on hard today, and I’m cool with that. 25’s are more than welcome to join in!

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I would be down for that tonight
Fresh 25 titan
I can move my good weps over for the run

Yeah I’d be down on my 25 titan as well

I’d love to run it. VoG virgin here.

PSN name is DoNotThrowAway

Sounds good. If we can get a few more we should be able to get this going. Are you guys EST?

Edit: Didn’t even notice that was you Drizz, would you guys be good to aim for 9pm - 10pm-ish?

I am EST
I would be down for 9 or 10
lvl 26 now also

Haha totally forgot about walking dead, 10 works for me then. Hopefully we can get 2 more guys who need to run it on normal!

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10 should work for me.

btw my psn is spredhed

Try again tonight? 9pm EST?

I’m down for that

I’m down, we’re short 2 guys still I think though. I had some stuff come up last night so I’m glad it didn’t work out. Anyone in their list have a guy or two that hasn’t run VoG yet?

I might be able to find some… when we going?

I’m still down for 9pm EST if everyone else is!

I have a buddy who will come, he started his first run last night. 27 hunter

Anyone having issues downloading this update file? Mine says it won’t be done for 3 hours and I’m directly plugged into the modem. Fannnntastic.

Yeah mine just dropped from 3 hrs to 75 mins…

Pause and then restart the download

1 hour and 33 minutes here :frowning:

Tried wifi, tried modem, pausing then restarting and it’s all the same unfortunately. Guess I’ll just jam out for a bit until it’s done.

Edit: Ohhhh Sony. It’s now at a random 47 minutes left.