PS4 Woes (plus extra characters to make it at least 15 characters)


So here I am hanging out in Kuwait for a large chunk of time… PS4 used to connect to our wifi here, but now it doesn’t whatsoever. Keeps giving me the error “signal is too weak or SSID is wrong.” This thing is killing me, because I have quite a bit of time, but am going to have such a backlog of games as I can’t download any before I get back to the states.

Just me complaining a bit. I already have a decent backlog, and am just trying to stay on top of it.

I’ve tried moving my PS4 as close to the router as possible (about 10-15 ft), and have also tried rebuilding the database on the off chance that might help, tried connecting to it manually as well. Not sure if we’re allowed to attach new ethernet cables to the router or not, or else I’d be running at least a 50’ one to my PS4 by now.

Anyone have any ideas? Is there a way to download a game to an external and put it on the PS4 that way?

Thanks in advance for sympathy and/or help :smiley:


I had the same issue. The PS4 has awful wifi, worse than the ps3. I ended up having to hard wire it because the wifi was too unreliable even after I moved it in the same room only a few feet away.


noted good thing I already have the drop to the location a potential PS4 will live.


Here I was expecting a droul thread lol.

“Is there a way to download a game to an external and put it on the PS4 that way?”

Not that I am aware. DRM issues would likely be the cause of this.


if you can move it 10-15 feet from router, can you just hard wire it?


The thing is, the router is attached to the ceiling outside my room and it would be extremely obvious with a blue cord going straight from the ceiling to my room under the door. I’m unsure if I’m even allowed to hard wire it, or else I would have already.

Maybe we could go a different route. Does anyone have experience with making a laptop act like a router with a wireless connection?

If I still can’t get it to work, I’ll probably have to buy a 50’ ethernet cable and try to stealthily drill a hole in the ceiling to be sure it wouldn’t be found.


what about using a router as a wireless bridge? (or a wireless bridge?) You can stick it up near the ceiling (if you are allowed to do so) near the other router and should have decent signal.


I’ll see what I can do. I already have a laptop here, so I would prefer to use that if possible, before I buy a router from Amazon and try to work it that way. I’ll check to see if the store here has routers or not as well and how much they are.


Unfortunately, I’m awful with networking issues, and anytime my consoles cannot connect instantly to wi-fi, i’m the guy running around my house screaming and cussing out everyone who created everything in life.

Other that this, I assume you’re in Kuwait because of being in the armed services, and I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope you find a solution soon.

If you AREN’T and happen to be in Kuwait for the heck of it, then ignore my last remark, and I still hope you find a proper solution. :smiley:


@PeterThomas6 I am in kuwait for military, so thank you!

I ended up getting the ps4 to connect to the internet again somehow (not quite sure how).

So I tried getting it to connect to my computer by making a new home network type deal and allowing it to send internet to other devices, which didn’t work at all. I tried one more thing I think, which also didn’t work, but when I tried to connect the ps4 back to the original network I was trying to, it connected and has been working ever since.

No extra hardware pieces needed, routers, wifi adapters and the like.

In case this happens to anyone else, I hope this helps! (although i know there isn’t much that i did haha)


@MrSavage Thanks for the suggestions by the way :smiley: