PSA: Don't Spend All Your Upgrade Points Immediately



Save now, and upgrading a subclass later will be easier.

These new Upgrade Points are used to pick out precisely the things you want to unlock. You don’t have to use the right away.

Once you hit level cap it becomes harder (more time consuming) to gather UPs so if you’re wanting to unlock everything in any given subclass you’ll be in for a long grind.

That’s why I’ll be saving some of my UPs until I can dump them into the subclass of my choice.


I’m not sure why you think it’s harder. I’ve beaten the game and hit level cap and haven’t unlocked all of my subclass upgrades. That said, I see on the map there is a ton of Adventure missions that grant Upgrade Points. From what I understand, you just have to play these specific Adventure missions and you’ll gain another point.


This is just what I’ve heard. If it’s not, that is very good news.


It is super easy to get all classes up. Just do the adventures. It is good advice to not spend points while leveling on a class you are not that interested in using. For example on my Titan I saved my points so when I got Hammer subclass I could fully level it right away. I knew this is what I would be going with for all non raid and NF activites.

On a side note you should save all your rep from each planet. Once you get an engram in game it assigns a level to it. When you turn your rep stuff in (let’s say to the guy on Earth) he will give you an engram with an assigned level. If you wait until you are around 240ish you can boost your level really quickly. If you turn your rep stuff in early you are going to get low level engrams that will be replaced by drops you get doing every activity


This is what I have gathered from watching streams for the past week. Your second and third characters will level up very fast if you use this method combined with how the game averages your gear across all characters when considering what level to apply to an engram.