PSA: Iron Banner is Back Dec 16 - Dec 22

Here’s the link to Bungie’s page:

Quick Facts:

  • Gauntlets and boots to help you get to 31
  • Rank will be preserved from last Iron Banner
  • Max rank is 5
  • No mention of helmet/chest for sale
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Muy bueno. I like Iron Banner, although I’m still a bit put off by the fact that my last IB boots/gloves were outdated two weeks after I got them. If anyone is putting together an XB1 team, I’m in.

What do you mean preserved from last Iron Banner? I just went to look and my rep is back to 0.

It’s not active yet so they’ll probably reinstate your last ranking when it goes live.

From Bungie’s site:

The Iron Lords now have five ranks to obtain through victory. Your previous Iron Banner rank has been preserved, but your Standing will be reset at the conclusion of this event. Strike while the iron is hot.

Preservation is huge. It took all week to get to level 4 last time. It will be way easier to get those additional weapons when our rank carries over.

It also says we can reforge our IB guns. I wonder if we can do the same with boots/gloves to increase the light?

The light has been increased to 33. The weapons are upgraded as well.

My previous rank 4 did not carry over today. I think they changed the text mid-day, since it was different earlier. “Your previous Iron Banner rank has been reset.” Bummer.

@Espaceman yeah wow Bungie way to get our hopes up. What else is new -_-

What do you guys think of the new weapons this round? I just hit rank 5 and have already picked up boots, gloves, goldspire shader, and the warlock bond. Thinking about grinding for some more glimmer to pick up a weapon but wondered if you thought they were worthwhile.

Update: I purchased both guns after running the Mars Exclusion Zone mission for half hour. I like the sniper rifle. The auto rifle I’m neutral on until the perks get unlocked. Smiler’s Wrath is high rof, low impact, with good stability–not my usual choice, but maybe it will be sweet once upgraded.