PSA: Nuka Cola goes on sale today at Target



It’s only an hour or so to my nearest Target…


while there be sure to buy tim tams, they are the nicest chocolate biscuit in the history of the world


Has anyone been able to get a case? My wife has been driving around to several Target stores. Everywhere is sold out and retelling stories of some asshole coming in and buying every single pack.

I hate people.


Got one!


I called when I got off and every Target in my area was sold out. I think they sent like 20 cases to each store. Apparently they are going for like $100 each on ebay.


Yeah, same here. There’s none in Northern California. I got this one (just one bottle) from a coworker.


I feel like with the limited release they missed out on a huge payday; people would have been buying these up for weeks after release.

Also, can confirm north Houston is completely out, which is bullshit.


I completely agree. Coke a cola should have made a huge deal and shipped a ton of them with Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Quantum. They would have made so much money.


I shared that exact sentiment in the discord conversation xD


Maybe they’ll see how popular it is and do a larger production run.


They aren’t made by coca cola…they are made by Jones soda…a relatively small producer of very tasty beverage’s


Yeah I knew that. I was just saying that I really think they missed out on some great sales opportunities.


50 to 80 bux for a SINGLE bottle is what it’s selling for on ebay…I read a few articles that stated Target employees bought all the stock of it and now are trying to make a ton of money off it…fucking crazy.


I am mildly disappointed about how this was handled. Target dropped the ball, but anyone who thought that target wouldn’t drop the ball, or that such a small production was a good idea, basically put the ball on the ground from the beginning.


Basically this:


My target got 18 bottles. I am bummed.


The two near me each got one case (12 bottles). Went to the first one at opening time. Got to electronics, they were all gone. I got on the phone with the other Target nearby to see if they had any. Was on hold for 15 minutes while driving there, when the woman finally came back on to say that the one guy that would know went to lunch, after only being open for 15 minutes. Got there a few minutes later, and there was just an empty cardboard box where the case was set up. Asked the electronics clerk if there were more, he said no. Said they only got those 12, and one person bought them all. I asked why there weren’t quantity limits or a requirement to purchase with the game, and he just shrugged.

Really, I should have seen it coming. I know that they severely botched the Majora’s Mask 3DS XL system preorder, and they didn’t respect quantity limits on the exclusive Amiibo. From now on, I’ll have to expect to pay the extra from someone on eBay months after the hype has died down.


I heard the same thing, which is actually pretty smart on their part. They likely get a discount, then make some extra cash, which I imagine they could really use. Unfortunately, that means that collectors get the shaft.


PSA you can go online and check the availability so you dont have to drive around or call stores.