PSA: Useful Housing Information



Auth’s house currently contains:

Crafting Kiosk (now has a vendor associated with it)
Character Bank
Mailbox x2 (at bank access and vendor-bot)
Thicket - Elite
Garden - Elite
Osun Forge - Challenge
Protostar Hazard Training Course - Challenge

Distribution: 50/50
I accept all neighbor requests from guildies!

LadyAuth’s house currently contains:

Mining - Elite

Distribution: 50/50
I accept all neighbor requests from guildies!

AuthZmobie’s house currently contains:

Thicket - Elite

Distribution: 50/50
I accept all neighbor requests from guildies!

Right then, let’s talk about housing briefly. For the unaware, at level 14 you can travel to Thayd (capital city) and go through a short quest to receive access to your housing plot for free. Aside from the other benefits it provides you, you get a house recall skill which allows you to return to your home from anywhere in the world and return to that very spot when you leave. I can’t find a link to post offhand, but it’s added to the list of skills on the far right of your limited action bar, selected by clicking the little arrow above the basic recall skill. Once you have a house plot, you can also add neighbors and can visit your neighbors’ homes by selecting them from the neighbors tab on the social window. Here’s why that’s important:

By dumb luck, I got a vendor plug for my house as a drop. Anyone who’s my neighbor can go to their house from anywhere in the world then visit my home and sell all their stuff. This is usable three times as frequently as the Settler’s vendor bot skill. Sure you can’t do it in an instance/dungeon/etc, but for those running about in the overworld, feel free to add me as a neighbor and make use of this to your heart’s content. I am literally never taking this thing down. Also, there’s a big jumping puzzle challenge on my plot you can redo every 30 minutes for a reward. It’s the giant pile of floating rocks. Interact with the vegetable/thing at the base and make it to the plushie at the top before time runs out for a free plushie/tree/150 Renown/dye (available challenge rewards. There is only a bronze tier to this challenge.)

TL;DR: Add me (IGN: Auth) as your neighbor and sell your stuff to my vendor bot from anywhere in the world without having to be a Settler. Also jumping challenge.

There is now a functioning mailbox on my plot as well.

Edit 2:
There is a new challenge on my home: Protostar Hazard Training Course. It is surprisingly difficult and great practice at avoiding telegraphs. Highly recommended if you feel like you need to work on that.

How to maximize your rested XP


There are 5 different bonuses that apply rested XP: Aroma, Comfort, Pride, Lighting, and Ambiance. All housing decor items provide either a small, medium, or large to one of the categories or no bonus at all. When the buffs are calculated, all the game is looking for is the largest bonus from each category. Stacking a billion small bonuses to lighting will not improve your lighting bonus to medium; it will remain small. As such, with only 5 items you can get the maximum rested bonus and use the other 295 allowed items (yes, max decor limit is 300) to decorate. Assorted decor items that drop provide different bonuses, but you have to send the item to your crate and view it there to see what the bonus is.

The following are the cheapest items available to you from the housing vendor to maximize your rested XP bonus as soon as possible:

Aurin Hoogle Lamp
Cost: 50 Silver
Bonus: Lighting, Medium
*Note: there is no way to purchase a Large Lighting bonus from the vendor. So far the only one I know of is the Floating Glow-lamp reward from @Biff_Tannen’s Tornado Challenge

Chua Bookcase (Tall)
Cost: 4 Gold
Bonus: Pride, Large

Charming Bar
Cost: 5 Gold
Bonus: Ambiance, Large

Wooden Wall Planter
Cost: 1 Gold 50 Silver
Bonus: Aroma, Large

Red Rug
–Cost: 50 Silver
–Bonus: Comfort, Medium
–Note: there are a couple Large Comfort bonus items for purchase, but they cost a lot of renown, which is not possible to have at early levels. The easiest Large Comfort bonus comes from the Garanok Four Poster Bed, which is a reward from the Moonshine Challenge. Several members of the guild have this setup on their plots. Also, I think you get a Medium Comfort bonus from one of the items when you do the housing quest (meaning you won’t have to spend this 50 Silver), but I’m not 100% on that. I will confirm and update this when I roll my first alt if someone doesn’t do so before me.–

You will receive one of two beds from the initial housing quest in Thayd. Both provide a Medium Comfort bonus, so there’s no need to purchase one from the vendor.

Total cost to get 3 Large bonuses and 2 Medium bonuses from the vendor: 11 Gold --or 11 Gold 50 Silver (reference the “Note” on the Red Rug)–

UPDATE: If you’re missing a large rested bonus of some sort for your house, send 1 gold and the type of bonus you’re missing via mail to Auth in game (except Aroma, just buy the Wooden Wall Planter, it’ll save my mats and stress). I can craft all of them and will reply to your mail with an appropriate item.

Edit 3:
Added a tier 4 Thicket and switched my plot to 50/50 split; help yourself while helping me :smiley:

Harvest FABkits and Drop Distribution

This occurred to me as I was wandering around my housing plot this afternoon.

I saw someone randomly post that they had a tier 4 Thicket set to 50/50 split along with a few housing challenges night before last. I informed him I had no such plots, but that there were a couple challenges he didn’t have and a vendor on my land and thus we became neighbors. Over the last 36 hours, I’ve wandered over to his house maybe four times, taking down his Thicket every visit. It clicked in my half-asleep brain that I used to do that to members of Strats but haven’t bothered the last week or so as I’ve had other things I’d been worried about. Why, then, was I taking the time to knock this random dude’s stuff down? Quite simply, I’m getting something for my efforts.

Having cut down his Thicket four times, we’ve each essentially received two full Thicket clears we wouldn’t have otherwise. The worst case scenario this guy faced was not having his Thicket cleared and getting all of it when he got on next. Instead, with the 50/50 split he established, he’s gotten two extra clears he would not have otherwise. Especially if your only neighbors are members of Strats or you don’t play a lot of hours, consider switching your housing plot over to a distribution of some sort. If people know there’s something to be gained from harvesting your plot, they’re more likely to swing by and help you out while you’re logged off. I’m taking down my Warhorn, dropping a tier 4 Thicket, and switching to 50/50 split on neighbor harvesting distribution.

TL;DR: Consider switching to 50/50 split for your harvest FABkits. You’ll help yourself by enticing people to harvest your plot while you’re logged off.

Edit 4: My alt, LadyAuth, has an elite Mining FABkit set at 50/50. Get with me on any of my characters for a neighbor invite.

Elite Harvest FABkits

For those that don’t know, there is no level requirement to drop an elite harvest FABkit on your land. While it still counts as your 1 harvest FABkit (no stacking elites and regulars, sorry :frowning:) it does function better than a tier 4 FABkit without having to go through the progression. That is, you don’t have to drop tiers 1-4, the elite FABkits are separately listed in the Landscape menu. What this means is you could drop one on a level 14 alt’s house and either harvest it yourself or get other people to harvest it using the 50/50 distribution temptation. Currently, the word is out about this and they’ve gone up quite a lot in price on the AH, but if you’re like me and in need of additional materials for crafting (Architects need wood and leather from the Thicket FABkit along with metal and gems from the Mining FABkit), it might not be a terrible investment.

For note, as several guildies have already discovered, the Thicket in particular proves a rather valuable investment as it produces a lot of wood which can be vendored at a decent price. It’ll take a while to make your money back if you buy one, but by harvesting my own Thicket and a few guildies’/random neighbors’ I went from ~12 gold two days ago to over 3.5 plat. That said, I’ve been adventuring and doing other stuff, but at present I’ve more than paid for the price of my Thicket (I got mine earlier this week before word about this starting becoming common knowledge). I apologize for not doing a write-up on this sooner, but I myself didn’t fully appreciate the potential gains from this until yesterday.

TL;DR: Elite FABkits don’t have a level requirement to be placed. They can also be quite valuable over time, particularly the Thicket.

Edit 5: Updated the section about rested XP

Edit 6: Updated my houses’ offerings. There’s now access to your character’s bank on my plot. Had to knock up the Festival to make it fit.

Edit 7: Updated my houses’ offerings. Took down the Shardspire Canyon and replaced it with the Osun Forge, which is a tower defense-esque challenge.

Edit 8: Aside from the much-needed bump, updated my Auth’s plot offerings and added my 2nd alt’s plot.

Edit 9: Information on housing boundaries and how they affect your max decor item limit I found on reddit

Housing Boundaries

The interior and the exterior of our houses are both in the same instance. The interior is just shifted down to about -100.00 in the height coordinate.

Thus, there is a point at which placed items count to the interior item limit if placed below it, and to the exterior item limit if placed above it.

This point is -80.00, which is reachable without a problem from within the bigger houses. Everything greater or equal to -80.00 is counted as Outdoors, everything smaller or equal to -80.01 is counted as indoors.

For example, everything placed in the roof or a bit higher up the wall in the upper floor of the greater Cassian house is above -80.00 and thus counts for the smaller exterior item limit.

This point is rather arbitrary and could be moved to -50.00, probably without any complications, which should fix this problem. But until then, be careful in which height you place your stuff indoors!

Taken from this topic by /u/Xanadias

Granok Four Post Bed

I have a moonshine station that provides a challenge, easy and good rewards. Add me :smile:


@Biff_Tannen (IGN: BiffTannen) has a tornado challenge on his property. The challenge has a decoration reward that merchants for --nearly 3 gold-- over 2 gold and is repeatable every ~20 minutes. Everyone, especially lower-level characters trying to finance their mount and skill purchases, would do well to make use of this by becoming his neighbor.


Awesome, I will add tennis and biff when I get on. I tried auth’s challenge and it was pretty hard.


Should we start a thread with what everyone has for their properties? Or maybe there’s already one made?


I did this. It was fun


I wanted to let my neighbors know that, among my previous offerings, I’ve installed a functioning mailbox in near the vend-bot at my house. Also, I accept all guild neighbor requests; feel free to add me :smiley:


i have a vendor as well, and the moonshine and medic challenges. i also have a thicket for your outfitter/architect needs so you can chop some trees down. i’m pretty sure i can make vendor fabkits too, so if you want one for your own plot, let me know and i’ll see if i have the mats. i’m usually short on metal, so help on that front would be greatly appreciated.

btw, add me as a neighbor too for more vendor access. shooting for a mailbox soon too, though i’m not in a hurry now that auth has one.

IGN: Vickers


Updated the OP with more useful housing information and the new challenge installed at my house. Also bumping since this is getting buried a bit :wink:


Thanks for the detailed guide @Auth


I currently have (Makguyver in game) Bone Pit challenge, Lava Flow Challenge, and a mini Dungeon challenge. Plus a vendor, and a sweet setup.


New changes to my plot and information for your consideration.


Changed my Thicket to 50/50 so feel free to add me and we can split that and my festival offerings!


my T4 thicket is also set to 50/50


Nearly have everything together to get bank access on my housing plot! Until then, my alt (LadyAuth) has an elite mineral deposit set at 50/50 that needs some miners. Just shoot me a message in game on either of my characters and I’ll neighbor you. I dropped it because I’m in need of metals and gems for architecture and I’m sick of having to buy them from the CX. Help me and yourself by taking the nodes down whenever they’re up :wink:

Also updated the OP


Rested XP section of OP updated.


50/50 Tier 4 Thicket on my Plot (IGN: Gwynyth)


So, because architect crafting is SO AWESOME, I’ve got about 12 extra functioning mailboxes. They aren’t FABkits, so if you want one for your plot just send me a mail request for one with 1g (less than the vendor sell price, AH price, or the Exile one from the vendor. I’m just trying to recoup a bit since I burned almost a stack of top-tier wood and who knows how much gold on additives during my research. If you want to see what it looks like, it’s over by the bank at my house. You can’t miss it ;))

OP updated.


The Shardspire Canyon on easy mode is no more! I’ve had that plug up from level 14 until this morning when I unlocked a new craftable challenge FABkit: the Osun Forge. The new plug is installed and plays kind of like a tower defense game so go have a look :smile:


For a large Ambience buff, get the Human Tavern Sign in Whitevale instead of the charming bar. It requires accepted reputation and sells for ~15 silver. I picked up the Floating Glow Lamp off the AH for about 7 Gold for a large lighting bonus.