PSN Flash Sale 7/16-7/18


PSN Flash Sale until 7/18. Lots of quality games available. If you STILL (what is wrong with you?!?!) haven’t played The Last of Us Remastered it is available for $8 and well worth your time.!/en-us/flash-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-FLASHSALEPS4GAM/1


Man for $8 it’s incredible. Like you said though, that’s because basically every human that would ever want to play it already has.


Im slowly but surely playing it. I might play a level every month or so. Im working my way through it.


Im kind of contemplating the Battlefield bundle. As horrible as people say Hardline is I still want to try it.


It’s pretty bad. I heard the campaign was good though. If you are going to spend any money on BF, I would still go BF4.


The Last of Us is a perfect example of how video games are art.


True. I did play this game twice. Once solo and the other one was with my daughter. WHat an amazing game!


The wife and I have it on our Halloween Playlist, that and Red Dead Redemption Zombies.


I have beaten the last of us twice, even thinking about doing it a 3rd time. Such an amazing game.


Can we talk about the PvP portion of that game for a second? Some of the most fun I’ve had in small-team PvP; so intense. Also, I actually used that title for a paper and presentation I did for college regarding human emotions and video games’ potential to influence them (had human subjects play the game’s intro). Let’s just say I got the results I was looking for :wink:


@Auth the PVP was amazing too. I didn’t expect it and I didn’t try it until I read how good it actually was. I bought Uncharted 4 and the same can be said for that PVP. Naughty :dog: is seriously on another level.