PSN Parties for Destiny



So, @BREADFAN had a great idea during this crazy crazy time in Destiny. When people start up PS4 parties for Destiny, they should name the PS4 party based on the activity they want to do. Say I get on and I want to do Crucible for an hour or two. I make a PS4 party, and label it “Strats Destiny Crucible” or something like that. Then everyone who wants to also do Crucible can join up. It will make for less distracting cross talk, and let people of similar interests get together to shoot the mans and get the gear. This would be a good guideline and lead to better organization. What do you guys think?


Sounds like a FANTASTIC idea! :sunglasses:


great idea!


That sounds great. We used a lot of that when there was a lot of people playing at the same time. Much better then interrupting raid groups.