PSN rant: I hate this connection

I really don’t know what is wrong with my connection. I have terrible internet speeds as it is, but now its just way worse. I think the internet was out for a couple hours last week, so I was trying to switch a few settings on the modem/router, and then it was all good. Now, my PS4 will barely connect to the internet!

Ive tried resetting the router, modem, ps4. I’ve port forwarded, added static IP, changed DNS to both OpenDNS’s and Google… sometimes the connection will work normally, but then crap out after playing for 10 minutes…

I don’t know if this is a cry for help more than it is one of frustration… my speeds on my computer and ipad are fine too! I think the last thing to do is ethernet the thing, but the router is in a different room…

/frustrated …now I’m just playing hearthstone

Have you tried hardwiring your PS4 to your modem? It sounds like it may be a router issue, or maybe just a wifi issue with the router.

You said your iPad works, which would clearly be wifi, have you used your iPad while in the same room as the PS4. Try a speedtest from there.

Also if you have an Android phone / device, you can try installing this -

I’m sure there is something similar on iOS, however maybe configure your wifi to use a less crowded channel, etc. Might help.

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I’ve always had zero luck with moving my PS4 to the 5GHz on the router. I haven’t hardwired my ps4 yet, but ti may have to do that in the meantime…

Im basically the only one using internet at my house right now. I’ve speedtested with my ipad while sitting next to the PS4, and the ipad worked at the correct speed.

to add to the symptoms: I guess I’m having the throttling of the network speed, because once I turn on my PS4, the connection will be ok, then after 10-15 minutes it will be really slow

When you say it’ll be really slow after 10-15minutes, do you mean that the PS4 is fine initially, and then the whole network (iPad and computer) goes to shit?

No, everything except the ps4 is fine. Only the PS4 craps out after that time.

I wonder if the wifi chip on your PS4 itself is dieing then. Try the hardwired method and see if that is any different. If so you may want to send the system in for repair.

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PS4 does not support 5ghz wi fi. So if you are still using that then that’s your problem. I had the same issue with mine and had to go back to the 2.4ghz channel on my router. Hope that helps.

It won’t even connect to 5GHz, so it’s ok. I haven’t opened the wifi channels up yet, but I feel like I don’t need to do that. I’m going out to buy a long Ethernet cable, then I will report back.

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An Ethernet cable seems to solve my ps4 connection woes… hope it helps you as well

UPDATE: PSN is currently down

We will see how my ethernet cable situation will work, but I’m hoping it is them and not me…

I’m on right now…

Seems to only be affecting some users

It’s for sure affecting me.

I was just playing some dragon age. I’m ‘online’ but unable to play Destiny (can’t connect) and unable to connect to Dragon Age Servers.

Is it possible that you are having an IP address conflict? It would explain some of the intermittent nature of your problem. Double check that you don’t have two items sharing an IP address.

i’ve tried both refreshing the IP and creating a static IP thats not used. I have looked at all incoming connections to check this as well.

Since PSN is down for me, i’m hoping its just that, and I can calm down a bit. :smile:

Oh thank goodness: its fine now, both an ethernet connection and WiFi work correctly.
I think it was just a PSN problem (even though I was having problems for nearly 24 hours).

Crisis averted, for now…

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Glad to hear it!

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