PTS reveals on Update 1.6

I downloaded the PTS (Public Test Server) for ESO yesterday and played around with the upcoming Update 1.6 . I got to use my 70 Champion points, and just looked around the various constellations to see the bonuses you can customize your character with. Looks quite a bit like Skyrim in that regard.

I also did some pickpocketing, sold items to a fence, and paid off a bounty when I “accidentally” killed an NPC in town.

Looked at the Crown Store to see the various new mounts, pets, and costumes. Nothing in the store that unbalances the game yet. Pretty much cosmetic, with some potions for sale that are slightly better than dropped items, but not as good as player crafted ones.

Overall, I am looking forward to 1.6, although it will make building the character more complex as I choose how to customize it.

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More complexity in character building seems like a good thing overall.

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Probably posted elsewhere, but it gives a good overview of what is in each constellation.

I thought you had to pickpocket an npc, or steal something to unlock legerdemain. I was surprised when I opened a chest I found in a swamp, and the skill line became available. Just an fyi if you want the skill line, but don’t want to risk a bounty.

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Thanks, I did not know that. I saw that you needed to steal or fence 40 items to finish level 1, but didn’t know chests in the wilderness counted.