Public Service Announcement



This is a reminder to all guardians.
Remember to stay hydrated.
That is all.


Damn I knew i forgot something!


Energy drinks don’t count, drink water!


And take breaks! Don’t end up being “that guy” on the news that is in the hospital because they just kept saying “just one more match”


No one has to work on a Tuesday?!


Currently working, can confirm, longest day ever…


Currently at internship. Can confirm as well, longest day ever.


If you consider cleaning the house and watching through the window for the UPS truck working, then yes i’m working my ass off.


Iwould be going nuts.


It’s not that bad I still have some comic reading to catch up on, a little bit of laundry. I only spaz out a little when I see any type of brown.


Does school count as work?

Longest day ever (on 2 hours of sleep ;))


Hell yeah it does. School was brutal for me. Hated it :smile:


At least you guys got to play for a bit… lol


I only got to play the intro mission last night. Forgot I had an early meeting today.


That must actually be worse only to get a little taste. Well I guess we persevere together then.


Its my day off and most definitely not the longest day ever.


I hope ya’ll have a good time in the game…stupid job keeping me from my destiny fix!


It was well worth it imo, haha. Good start last night.