Punch Quest - iOS/Android Platformer - Free



Following the same format that @Vocino provided, allow me to introduce Punch Quest, an on-rails action RPG platformer that blends the aesthetics of Castlevania with the over-the-top cheesyness of Evil Dead. Simple, yet addictive, as most mobile games should be, and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to play.

Download on the App/Google Play Store:






Oh baby, I remember this. It was my favorite game when I first got my iPad next to Avernum!


I only just started it a few days ago and I’m completely hooked. It’s so fun.

@Vocino, you should edit your post to put the cost of the app you ‘mini reviewed.’


Sometimes it’s the simple games that are so fun. You can’t get much more fun than doing an upper cut combo or riding a raptor that spews lasers


Looks like fun. Downloading now :smile: