PvP Battleground Runs

I’ll be leading a group for some PvP runs tonight. I’ll be on at around 7pm EST and will be running them for as long as possible. These runs are all in effort to get more amp and ability points from the prestige vendor for PvP. So come join me in these run and we can get our asses stomped together.

Battlegrounds is a 10v10 battle so the more of our guild the merrier.

I’ll join in the misery. Come prepared to lose a lot (I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic based on the tons of practice battlegrounds I’ve run). Even in defeat, however, we will make steady progress towards our AMP/Skill points :wink:

I’ll try to be there for a little. i just love losing battlegrounds so much

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Looks like I won’t be able to make it. Work going late. Good luck, kill some commies for me!

So did some PvP Battlegrounds last night and realized how one sided the PvP is on our server. Dominion seemed to be better geared and more coordinated that the exile. But even with that said i’m still going to lead some more PvP matches so that we can get our amp and ability points. Keep an eye on this post to see the scheduled dates i’ll be running.