PVP Campaign Discussion (Volendrung, Wabbajack)



Welcome aboard! @Nightchill

I was in Cyrodiil exploring the area last night and honestly AD is not doing so well on that campaign. I don’t mind switching over to Wabbajack as our home campaign as some of our players are already fighting in Wabbajack. We can also just stick with Volendrung help take it back. If your schedule permits join us on our Friday Night Raids set-up by our member @Carl_Waddell.

Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)

@iamkrillin The fact that we’re losing that campaign doesn’t deter me, honestly; I come from a GW2 server with a pretty rocky WvW history, so I am not used to an easy ride. It was insanely tough there up until the most recent months. We won every game in the last WvW tournament which ended a few weeks ago, but this came on the heels of getting crushed week after week. Grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat is our style, I guess.

TL;DR, I am up for either Volendrung or Wabbajack, doesn’t matter. I am not quite sure how guesting works (still kind of a nublet due to taking a few weeks off from ESO early on) but I’ll be happy to guest in Volendrung.


I vote Wabbajack only because it’s active. We (AD) have the lowest population on Wabba, and it’s a very even campaign. Volendrung is a lot of running around capturing empty keeps…


Bloodthorn is also good. We are losing severely but that’s because we’re heavily outpopulated. If that’s a word.


Sounds good. I’m down to move to Wabbajack.


I <3 wabbajack. Thats where I do PvP w other guild. The action is always good yellow vs blue vs red there is always action :slight_smile:


D: you’re cheating on us @Nekko_chan? I am hurt.


The only thing I’ll say is that they call it “Wabbalag” for a reason. I haven’t been in Cyrodil with my sorc yet (spent a little time in Wabba with my NB), but I’ve been reading it’s still laggy as ever. But maybe it’s just the doom and gloom types hyping something that isn’t so bad. Confirm/deny? :smiley:


I like to play the field is all. nothin wrong w that!

And wabbalag is true too. If its a heavy pvp night lag can and will get you killed!


But its not ALWAYS bad… only sometimes/ during heavy pvp times


The lag is much much better now. But I guess I tend to stay away from the zerg, which helps.