PvP night Tuesday May 27th 7pm PST



I will be available starting 7pm PST for this event. Everyone who can make it is encouraged to join. I wanna see anyone from lvl 10 to VR 10 at this one. We will be around to protect and support each other no matter your level of expertise. [I’d love to see some new members here too.]

Everyone is encouraged to have Mumble for this event. Even if you do not have a mic, please download the client so that you may listen and coordinate with our strategy and movement. If you can make it earlier, please do. We will [tentatively] be on the campaign Volendrung.

For PvP I would like everyone to have at least 5 or 10 grand soul gems [the lvl 50 and above]. It may show up as red in your inventory but everyone can use them during PvP to resurrect fellow guildies. This is a necessity, not a request. Of course if you don’t have the gold for 5-10 then you don’t have the gold, but please get some so that one person isn’t doing all the resurrecting all night long. If you get there early try to form a small group to start to fill them before the PvP event begins.

Please chime in to let me know who can make it and who can’t so I have an idea of the numbers we’ll be running with. I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting you all in Cyrodil next tuesday!!!


Which campaign are we running?


Tentatively on Volendrung. That seems to be the guild server but we will see about availability come next tuesday. If things look good we will go there.


I’ll be there around 8:30 PST.

edit: I don’t know how to time zone.


I’ll be there. Thanks for putting this together.


I’ll see if I can make it. I don’t get my work schedule until Friday.


I will do my best to be there as well…hopefully i will gain some more levels before then :slight_smile:


I definitely hope you can make it @Droul Your previous WoW raid experience would be super beneficial to use here in ESO. While I am hosting this event, my raiding experience is limited to ESO and I would love to have someone with solid knowledge and experience helping out. Hope to see you there!


change the do my best to…definitly going to be there :slight_smile:


Count me in, can’t wait to bring the pain! :smiley:


Bring it!


:smiley: made my day =^_^=


I will almost certainly be there. Just toss me an invite if you see me online!


Ill be there @ 8PM


Do we have any thoughts on what we’re going to be doing? I’m up for not joining the zerg, and trying to get some smaller scale pvp going.

This can be achieved in a few ways:

  • Cutting off reinforcements, when the zerg is taking a keep, we position ourselves in between the keep we are sieging and the nearest enemy held keep.
  • Taking and holding resources.
  • Attacking a keep deeper within enemy territory.
  • Staking out the questing towns.

Why I enjoy this? The fights are often more rewarding as you know what happened and that you played a role in the engagement. We will likely have a wide range of levels, so this could help even things out a bit. And lastly, and least importantly, we will get more AP.

I’m still up for sieging if that’s the plan. And if there are any first timers coming and need some siege equipment, let me know and I can stock up the bank.


These are all fantastic ideas. As for what we will be doing, it all depends on you guys and what the group wants. I feel like we will play it by ear. Since I’m not overly experienced in PvP, I will be more than willing to share leadership/ accept all suggestions and plans for this night.

I want everyone to have a good time and ROCK cyrodil! Really looking forward to this.


Good leaders aren’t born, they’re made. We will make a good leader out of you yet Nekko


Awwww! Thank was such a nice thing to say =^_^=


Oh yeah, we control a big portion of the map, but there are 5 elder scrolls to get, and I expect there will be some good action tonight.


Looks like I have the day off on Tuesday. Let’s do this!