PVP or World Boss event for next/this Sunday (May 18th)



The first free 30+ days have been exhausted and there has been a significant drop in ESO activity in our online-community. I am concerned about our ESO branch, and we need to do something about it for ourselves (who are still subscribed) and for our newly recruited members. It also does not help that other members who have moved on into other games (not that it is total negative) alienates some new members from signing onto mumble. My proposition is an organized guild event on May18th, Sunday for some good-ol PVP or world boss runs. We should discuss the details further and hopefully we can get some activity going again!

By the way 7:30PM PST is a good time for me. And just for clarification I’m not trying to say our other members should “OMG ONLY PLAY ESO AND ONLY TALK ESO”.


May 18th is this Sunday, not next Sunday. I’ll be out for most of the evening (going to see Adam Carolla) but I think this is a good idea.

Also, if people are feeling alienated on Mumble, that’s not good. I think people keep in the lounge because they like talking to everyone but anyone should feel free to nudge those really dominating the gaming conversation to jump into another channel if that would help.


This Sunday/Next Sunday why not both? Ahahaha.


Great job taking the lead on organizing this event. I would not be to concerned with the branching out to other games and a drop in activity. A lot of players raced to get to VR levels and are taking a breather before the new VR content gets here. Keep making events you would like to see and we will support it. Our mumble server is a great tool for talking in-game an bridging our community between games. Use of the game specific channels will be more prevalent as out numbers increase. Don’t worry there is still a large group that is ESO to the core.


I will be there, need to learn more about the PVP side of ESO


I’ve had a lot of trouble finding groups for world bosses in the V6-10 zones. Depending on how many folks we’ve got online that day, I’d love to get a group going to clear those.


Agreed, I myself have even gone back to Skyrim until Craglorn comes out. I do hop on for invites and recruiting though.


A single player game? Booo! :smirk: Come play a multiplayer game with us!


I’ve been on Planetside a couple of times as well and I am trying to get this BF4 thing going.



How about CS:GO?

Also thanks for the replies. What is a good time for everyone? I get off work at 6PM pst that day.


I’m hoping to be around this Sun night, probably starting around 6 pst also (8 cst for me). I’ve been trying to grind in pve when I can but i’m still just VR 2.


I wish this was Saturday :frowning:


If I end up not doing anything Saturday night then I’m definitely down for Saturday, too. It would help to have two events this weekend.


I am definitely down for some PvP. I need to check on this in game, but it would be nice for us to claim our own fort. :smiley:


I am game for anything and Sunday works for me…but im only mid 30’s in level and afraid i cannot do much with the Vetran folks. please correct me if im wrong as i would love to do something.


Yeah, unfortunately the content they’re wanting to do requires at least VR1.


We can do PVP that way everyone can participate.


<----- Has finally hit VR1.
<----- Is down for community PvP or world bosses/4man dungeons anywheres
^this kind of coordination is why i signed up for this guild.
[i thought there would be more ]


Congrays! :slight_smile: Well, your participation would certainly encourage future ESO events.