PvP Role in Albion Online

This thread is pretty much to focus on the PvP aspect of Albion Online. I want you guys to discuss everything in here to keep other threads from getting too cluttered, such as builds, and what you plan on focusing on leveling up. If you want to be a healer, a tank, or a dps type. You can also discuss good armor combinations to use against other types of builds. Pretty much anything you think that will help us improve our PvP experience. I also want people to be able to say what they want to focus on on the Destiny Board so we can keep track of our strengths and weaknesses. :smile:


Doing some research I stumbled upon this private PVP test organized a few weeks ago by the devs…check it out! Some of the skill shots are prominently on display…kinda sad melee isn’t more prominent!


How GvG works!

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I had not seen the first video, it is very cool :open_mouth:.

It seems that the game has received so many improvements in skills abilities, the PvP aspect could be more strategic this summer alpha.

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Looks very full on…do you set your fight times with a prearranged squad, or form up with who’s online and look for a fight…?
They’ll be lots of combinations to try for sure.
Personally i’m happy to be directed by those already into the game, although being honest I’m not a great spell user.
Prefer to spill blood.

this has not been decided yet, I’d like to get everyone in and get used to the game for a couple of days before we start deciding on all that, so I can see what times we have alot of people on and things like that.


How not to do GvG (to be fair against FINSTACK we would look very similar!

How you SHOULD do GvG:

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