Q3 2017 Patreon Giftcard Giveaway


#Didn’t we just have one of these?!

Yup :wink: Well, sort of, anyway. The real problem is we did the last one at the end of the quarter, even though we want (read: meant) to do them at the beginning of the quarter instead. The result is the first two of these being damn near back-to-back.

Also, you can’t enter for this one.


Yeah, this one is for Patrons only, and since I have the list easily available, I just assigned everyone a number and randomed a winner. This is basically just an announcement (read: hype) thread. Don’t worry, we’re doing these alternating, so there’s always next time.

Also, there might be a different giveaway happening tomorrow, but you didn’t hear it from me :wink:

#GZ @Philspaz!


Let us know what $50 gift card you want (Steam, PSN, XBL, Blizzard, etc.); good luck next quarter, everyone!


whaaaaaa?!? that’s freakin awesome!


We don’t have a giftcard for “that’s freakin awesome” so you need to pick something else :wink:


haha, I was just messaging you, steam = freakin awesome


Well shit. Congrats @Philspaz!





Thanks, the closest I’ve come to winning something like this was that time my friend bought a taco box from taco bell just to try and win the ps4. He gave us the food from it and then won the ps4… lucky bastard